“There’s nothing I can do about it…

“There’s nothing I can do about it. It’s done. So yeah, I just laugh it off. I’m one of those type of people, I don’t really stress about the things I can’t change. I just try to figure out how to fix it.”

- Kandi Burruss (Real Housewives of Atlanta)

Haven’t posted in a while so here’s just a filler post. I’ll probably write a post about by the end of the week about the past few weeks of school or what I look forward to during this short three week break from school. There has been things happening but I haven’t thought of wrapping it up in a blogpost until now.

Anyway, this quote is pretty relevant to me right now because I keep having to remind myself not to get too worked up over people that just aren’t worth it. And hey, I think I’m doing a pretty decent job at it.

An Eventful Beginning Pt. 2

I’m back again to continue with my update on what I have been up to as of late. In part 1, I talked about the first two weeks of the new school semester. I still have another three weeks to talk about. So, here I go again.

Week 3

A group selfie before entering the concert theatre.

A group selfie before entering the concert theatre.

There wasn’t much that took place this week to be honest. The highlight of the week was the SDZ Waves 19 concert which I had been looking forward to since I got my ticket (Thanks Shantel!). I was excited because I enjoyed the concert last year and there were more friends attending the concert this year too. However, I had no idea the theme was Frozen. I do not like Frozen. But I still enjoyed it. It actually made me even consider watching the movie but I still haven’t and I can safely say that I won’t be watching it anytime soon.

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 6.15.38 pm

I had to take some selfies while waiting for the concert to begin. So, here are Nica, Vera and Jamie.

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 6.15.50 pm

And here’s a selfie with Husz.

After the concert, we all waited around for Shantel. I just wanted to give her a hug because I knew that she has put in a lot of time, energy and commitment into SDZ and this concert. And the end of the concert also meant that she would have more time to spend with us. Granted, when she saw all of us, she did get emotional. We all took turns giving her hugs and taking pictures as a group and with her individually.

Great job Shantel! Proud of you.

Great job Shantel! Really proud of you and I’ll be there again next year.

Oh and here's a picture with Jun Wei. One of the few other SDZ people that I know.

Oh and here’s a picture with Jun Wei; one of the few other SDZ people that I know.

Week 4

This was the home-based learning (HBL) week which meant being able to stay home and completing our assignments online. Although many people weren’t too happy about this whole ‘schooling from home’ thing, I honestly felt like this ‘break’ from having to go school each day couldn’t have come at a better time. There were two graded assignments due at the end of the week/start of week 5. So, my strategy or plan was to finish all the HBL assignments as soon as possible and then work on the graded ones. That sort of worked, I guess.

This was also the week where the Dungeons & Dragons people (Sam, Chels, Vera, Shantel, KX and I) met up at Shantel’s place one night. We played a horror RPG. Everything was fine but about halfway through I was fighting my urge to fall asleep. I was trying so hard to keep my eyes open. I managed to stay awake but once my character died,  I just had to lie down somewhere and rest my back. I have no clue why I was so tired. The game ended and KX revealed that Sam was behind all the murders. He also explained everything but I was too tired to understand.

We headed out to get supper and then...

We headed out to get supper and then…

... A wild Vera appeared!

… A wild Vera appeared!

If I’m not wrong, we ended our game around six in the morning. I was so ready to leave, go home and sleep till late in the afternoon but I had to be in school at ten in the morning for a CASS Club meeting. Just so you know, I always wake up two hours before the time I need to be in school. So in this case, that means having to be up at 8am. I reached home from Shantel’s place at around 7.50am. I had to come back home to change into something more smart casual because after the CASS Club meeting in the morning, there was some Parents Conference in the evening that I was supposed to help out with.

Without any sleep, I dragged myself into the shower hoping that it would freshen me up and it did… Only for like about ten minutes. I even desperately googled for how to stay awake after staying up all night and none of the results were really that helpful. When I got to school, I wanted to get a sweet drink hoping a sugar rush would wake me up. I walked over to McCafé but the queue was so long. I walked over to the vending machine but the machine wouldn’t accept my coins. So, that left me with nothing to drink before the meeting. I just could not wait for the day to be over.

A picture taken for the OOTD contest but then not used because I remembered that I don't ever want a #OOTD post anywhere.

A picture taken for the OOTD contest but then I didn’t post it because I remembered that I don’t do #OOTD posts.

Note: The picture above was taken after the CASS Club meeting. I might not look tired because being pretty is a job and I do that well. #ImJustKidding #DontHateMe

The rest of that day was filled with a mixture of me feeling fine and feeling sleepy. In between the wait for the conference, I sat with Husz and Shaf at Hilltop Haven. They were both doing their own stuff. I tried watching an episode of Euros of Hollywood. The environment was just not conducive for me to watch anything on my laptop. (I can always see a reflection of the trees in the background on my laptop screen no matter how bright I make it. There are people constantly walking around and laughing out loud too. It’s pretty distracting) So, I decided to edit the interview transcription I had almost completed. After a while, the three of us started talking… About what I don’t exactly remember but I do know that there was a little bit of cyber stalking involved.

Dalene joined us for a few minutes and since all four of were together I thought it was the perfect time to take a selfie.

Dalene joined us for a few minutes and since all four of were together I thought it was the perfect time to take a selfie. 

The Parents Conference was better than I expected. I felt like I messed up when it was my turn to speak to the parents. I didn’t have much to say and kept looking at Rachel to help me out and she certainly did (Thanks Rachel!). After the conference, we spent time talking to some parents and some of the other seniors who came back to share their experiences with the parents. So, it was nice and simple and not as intimidating as I thought. Although technically no matter how many times you’ve done it, standing in front of a group of people for a presentation or speech will always be nerve-wrecking and intimidating.

Thanks Jamie for capturing a moment where I don't look like a complete mess.

Thanks Jamie for capturing a moment where I don’t look like a complete mess.

Oh and I burnt one of the earlier days this week travelling all the way to Tampines to interview my profile for an assignment. Travelling to Tampines was fine but making my way to his block (which was the location of the interview) was the difficult part. Although I did my research on which bus to take the day before, I still ended up taking a total of three wrong buses which made me 40 minutes late. Apparently the ‘T’ some of these buses had on the front meant a different route from the ones without the ‘T’. Of course I had no idea that the ‘T’ meant anything else other than ‘Trainee’. Anyway, my interviewee seemed fine with me being unprofessional and showing up late so it turned out alright.

Week 5

Something rare that happened this week was Chels wanting to take a selfie with me.

Something rare that happened this week was Chels wanting to take a selfie with me twice. The second selfie is below.

If I were to summarise this week in two words, I would say: DTVM Hacker.

The entire week was filled with the paranoia because we were all involved in this alternate-reality game (ARG) created by one of our lecturers. Participating basically gives us participation marks in her graded assignment. The story is that there are two ‘hackers’ amongst us with all our confidential information and we basically have to find out who these two people are. Our lecturer as the game master was the one controlling the hacker’s blog and twitter account but she was working with two students. So, our goal was to get in teams of four, work together and find out who these two people were by solving clues and puzzles given to us by the ‘hackers’ over the week. At first, I didn’t really care too much but then I found out people were thinking it was me.

It was this tweet that made all three of us prime suspects. HAHA.

It was this tweet by Chels that made all three of us prime suspects. If you can’t read it, she tweeted, “We were on a top secret mission.” 

So, I got a little upset until my competitive side kicked in and I realised why not just mislead everyone so that my team would be ahead. One of the craziest things my team did was to fake a clue and pass it on to one of the other teams. And the leader of that team actually believed it. HAHA (Sorry Minyi). I loved the thrill of it all and that adrenaline rush I got when we managed to solve something or were awaiting our next clue. I guess it was an added bonus that my team was ahead most of the time according to the hackers’ tweets.

In between strategy talk we did some photo booth-ing.

In between strategy talk we did some photo booth-ing.

At the end of the week, we had to let our lecturer know who we each thought the ‘hackers’ were. Then there was this big reveal that it was Sam and Wesley (Do note that this is the second time in one post that I’m saying that Sam was behind it all). Later in class, our lecturer explained how she planned everything and managed pulled it off. It was impressive and in my opinion, we all have to thank her for giving us this unique experience which required a lot of work. Which other lecturer in which other course would plan an ARG for their students?

One of our tasks was to take a picture with this sign outside one of the toilets. #TotesAwkward

One of our tasks was to take a group picture with this sign outside one of the toilets. #TotesAwkward

Anyway, this week was not just all about the hacker. There was the InterCASS event organised by the CASS Club. It was a captain’s ball competition and my class had signed up. The competitive side of me made me want to sign up as part of the team but from experience, I knew that I would not have exactly been of much help in the game since I would try to avoid the ball. So instead, I took on my CASS Club duties of keeping score and by doing so, I got to watch my class play too. So, it was all good. Our juniors had signed up as a team too. Since most of the students in our course (Diploma in Creative Writing for TV and New Media) were known for not being sporty, I was really proud that we had two teams representing our course out of the eight in total. Some of my other classmates who were not playing (Dalene & Nica), the junior’s classmates and our lecturers came down to support the two teams too.

The most intense match was the seniors vs. the juniors bout in my opinion. My class put up a good fight but we ended up losing to the juniors. After that instead of being two opposing factions, we all got together to cheer on the junior team and they ended up wining.

The Writers' Team along with their biggest fans.

The Writers’ Team along with their biggest fans after the event.

So as you can tell, with some ‘hackers’ on the loose and a sports event, week 5 has been pretty eventful. Now, I would go on to talk about Week 6 but then it’s no longer the ‘beginning’ of the semester and so it wouldn’t really fit the title of this post. Plus, this post is already pretty long. So… I’ll just leave it like this. Until next time,


An Eventful Beginning Pt. 1

We’re halfway through the fifth week since the new school semester started and I feel that it’s been pretty eventful beginning to the semester thus far. I also haven’t written a Daily Life post in a really long time and so I thought why not write one now while I’m free. To be honest, I don’t exactly remember what happened each week but I have the pictures in my phone to remind me! So let’s go in chronological order.

Week 1


A back-to-school selfie

I was kinda excited to be back in school because it was a new semester which means new modules (and one new lecturer). Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy the holidays but I also did miss being around my classmates and friends and the whole feel of ‘school’.

A rare family selfie.

A rare family selfie.

This was also the Deepavali week. So, on Wednesday, I was supposed to gather with my Mother’s side relatives and cousins. From experience I knew better than to get too excited about gathering with my cousins because that only leaves room for disappointment. And hey, I ended up being right. Let’s just say it made me think if blood was really thicker than water.

Minyi and I attempted to take an #OOTD but I just didn't know how to pose in a not pretentious way.

Minyi and I attempted to take an #OOTD but I just didn’t know how to pose in a not pretentious way.

So, why not just i stand there and Minyi do the posing... Right?

So, why not just I stand there and Minyi do the posing… Right?

The next day, there was school again but Minyi, Shafna, Jamie and I had plans to film a ‘Fashion Challenge’(click for the link) for our youtube channel after class. We got Dalene and Huszainy to join us as our ‘Camera crew’. Nica and Vera were the models and Jesleen tagged along for moral support. There was a lot of competitiveness, mainly because of me but it all turned out alright. It was fun and I can’t wait to look back at all the videos on the youtube channel in a few years time and laugh and cringe in equal measure.

Popcorn: Check Cotton Candy: Check

Popcorn: Check
Cotton Candy: Check

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 11.15.29 pm

More than one selfie: Check

On Friday, it was pretty normal except for the carnival in school which Jamie, Shafna and I attended. We got some free popcorn and cotton candy and even some ice-cream. Later that day, I had invited my best friends from secondary school over for dinner at my place. I had intended to play a game of Monopoly but we didn’t have much time because we had to leave for a movie soon. So, we left to catch the movie, “Lets Be Cops” and it was pretty good (and I wrote a movie review too).

We are all smiles here but that changed the more we got into the game.

We are all smiles here but that changed the more we got into the game.

Then came Saturday, where I had invited my Poly friends over for lunch. But about half of them couldn’t make it. So, it was just Huszainy, Shafna, Chelsea, Vera and Jamie. I was nervous having them over for the first time. I was also anxious because I rarely have friends over. I don’t really like to mix the two different worlds of family and friends. Anyway, it was fun because we got to play Monopoly! The game was intense and I enjoyed it. It reminded me of when I used to play Monopoly with my cousins during our gatherings. So, in a way it helped complete my Deepavali.

Cousins <3

Cousins <3

After they all left, my brother, Dad and I had some visiting to do. This time it was my Father’s side relatives and cousins. It was way better than I expected. My cousins and I took some pictures together and it was nice catching up with them because I rarely see them these days. We headed back home after about an hour or so. I had no regrets going. (I’m just realising as I typed this that the first week was way more eventful that I had thought and remembered. )

Week 2

I thought that Shantel and I debuting our 'Froot Loop Dingus' shirts was worth an honourable mention.

I thought that Shantel and I debuting our ‘Froot Loop Dingus’ shirts was worth an honourable mention.

The highlights of this week were the CASS Halloween Party and Writers Festival.

Dressing up as 'A' was quite exciting but extremely warm too. I sweat a whole lot.

Dressing up as ‘A’ was quite exciting but extremely warm too. I sweat a whole lot.

I didn’t really have much to do with the planning of the Halloween party but during the event I guess I was pretty involved. I had to mend the game booths and also keep people from eating the food before it was all ready. And let me just say that the second task was not as easy as it sounds. Anyway, one of the good things about Halloween are the costumes! So, it was nice seeing what everyone attending the party came dressed in. Personally, the most memorable ones were the Ninja Turtle costumes. As for me, I dressed up as ‘A’ from Pretty Little Liars together with Xenia and Ili (It was my idea but whatever).

A selfie with everyone who attended the Writers Fest.

A selfie with everyone who attended the Writers Fest.

It looks sooooo pretty.

It looks sooooo pretty.

Later that week, there was the Writers Festival. I didn’t attend it last year, I can’t remember why. It’s either because I wasn’t interested or had something else on. But this year, there was a panel with local writers about how they published their first book. So that was interesting. I took down some quotes that might come in handy in the future to inspire or to motivate myself.

We paid our volunteer friend a visit too.

We paid our volunteer friend a visit too.

Shafna and I also attended the screening of the documentary, Girl Rising. We had some trouble getting to the location and ended up pretty late. So we had to sit at the front row and it was a pretty uncomfortable row to be sitting in. Oh well… The Writers Festival was also interesting because someone who I wasn’t expecting to see at all showed up. You should know how that works… You expect something and it doesn’t happen. You don’t expect it and it happens. Trust me, it felt so scripted. Sometimes I wonder if my life is a sitcom or a reality show. Maybe it’s a mixture of both. Is that possible?

I still have another two and a half weeks to write about(or three weeks by the time I come around to writing it). So stay tuned!


Let’s Be Cops Movie Review


This was the last movie I was going to be watching with Azfar and Rosydi for a while as Azfar has his A’ Levels coming up and so that means lesser time to spend hanging out with us. So, obviously we tried to make the most of the day. The dudes came over to my place in the evening because I had invited them over for a Deepavali dinner. Although we had planned to play Monopoly, we decided that we rather just talk as the time we had before we had to leave for the movie we wanted to watch was not enough for a game of Monopoly. And I’ve got no regrets at all as

The Story: Two best friends, Ryan (Jake Johnson) and Justin (Damon Wayans, Jr.)  dress up as cops to a costume party. They realise that their gimmick is realistic when everyone believes that they are cops and treats them differently. For example, women look at them flirtatiously and civilians listen to them when they are ordered around pointlessly on the street. These fake cops then get into real trouble when they become a hinderance in our villain, Mossi Kasic’s (James D’Arcy) secretive ‘underground’ plans. This is also where Justin’s love interest, Josie (Nina Dobrev) comes in as her family restaurant is involved in Mossi’s plans. Along the way, things get rough for our heroes as they have to deal with their real jobs, real life while at the same time maneuvering their way through the dangerous situations they get into.

The Cast: Although I’ve been walking past the movie poster every time I walked to the MRT station, I never realised who the two leads actually were. I loved that they were both from New Girl. Jake Johnson is my favourite New Girl cast member. And I strongly believe that Damon Wayans, Jr. rejoining the New Girl cast last season definitely helped the show and kept it fresh. These two clearly had chemistry and even movie critics agree with that. However, I didn’t really think Nina Dobrev added anything much other than being a pretty face and I guess increasing the number of familiar faces in the cast. For the serious villain they wanted, they definitely casted well. James D’Arcy looked really intimidating in the movie. It could be because of that scar the makeup team drew on his face but the way he talked and walked definitely suited the character.

The Characters: I loved the characters! Ryan and Justin were a great duo and I honestly hope there is a sequel so that we can follow them on another adventure. If there is a sequel though, I think that someone should be added to their team. Maybe a sassy or incompetent sidekick. Anyway, one thing I didn’t like when it comes to the characters was the main villain. His scenes were always very serious and although some might say it balanced out the comedy and action ratio, I still think that it was way too serious. I do feel conflicted though… Because the serious-ness also does show that what our two heroes are doing is no joke and that the consequences could be deadly.

The Ending: It was nicely wrapped up. There was a quote that I wish I took down but I wasn’t fast or desperate enough to do so. A part of it was relatable because of what I’m told as a aspiring writer in school.

My Rating: 8/10

I would definitely watch this movie again. And although I’m writing this review a week after I watched it, I still think it was a good movie. I really hope there is a sequel because Jake Johson and

And The Holiday Adventures Come To An End…

Since my last post about what I have been up to during the holidays, I have spent more time hanging out with friends and family over the past two weeks. So, here I am now once again to write and reflect on the past two weeks which have helped me wrap up my holidays just perfectly. I had a short dilemma on whether to continue the numbering from the previous post but I decided to just keep things simple. 

Only cause I don't have any other picture.

Only cause I don’t have any other picture.

1. Dracula Untold with Huszainy. These impromptu plans emerged when he wanted to pass time and was willing to come all the way to Yishun. The movie choices were either Annabelle or Dracula Untold. I wanted to watch Annabelle because I had watched The Conjuring but I also wanted to watch Dracula Untold because it was new and seemed like a hit. So, it came down to convenience. I wasn’t too sure if I could make it on time for Dracula Untold because I was watching the Dance Moms season finale but I managed to and so we went with that. The movie was alright… I was a little confused. The ending interested me more than anything else and for that reason, I wouldn’t mind if they had a sequel. Anyway, after the movie, we walked around hunting for earpieces since we both needed new ones. It didn’t take him long to find one while I on the other hand was very indecisive. I came to the conclusion that I would just steal another one of my brother’s unused earpieces and so we ended our day there. The next day, my brother walked into my room and put a new set of earpiece on my table. I was like, “What’s this?” And he told me that I had asked him to order it for me when he showed me his. I didn’t even remember that conversation and I still don’t. But I’m glad it happened because the earpiece he got me looks classy and stylish and it’s good too. I still had to pay for it… But at least I didn’t have to choose! That’s the hard part, right?

So here's the baking team because there's always time for a selfie.

So here’s the baking team because there’s always time for a selfie.

2. Baking brownies & Over-eating. So, these were plans that were technically made during the chalet since we all got the invitation from An then. We had some trouble finding a day that all of us were free and so we ended up just making do with whoever was able to make it. That meant, Shafna, Chelsea, me and obviously An since we were baking at his house. We had no idea what we were baking until the day came. We decided on baking brownies. I love baking. (Or at least watching people bake since I haven’t exactly baked by myself before. I usually try to help my Mum but she always ends up doing all the work. I try not to get too involved because I often mess up. I once cracked an egg into the sink.)

Chelsea Ramsey(Or RUM-SAY as she would say it) hard at work.

Chelsea Ramsey(Or RUM-SAY as she would say it) hard at work.

The baking part of our meet-up was pretty fast. Then we just sat around talking and eating. I suggested we play badminton to pass time and the others didn’t mind too. So we did. After that we came back and ate the brownies we baked topped with ice cream. I loved the crispy on the outside but sorta gooey on the inside texture of the brownie. Especially together with the ice cream. So I had more… and more… and more until I felt so bloated and couldn’t stop complaining about it. The others thought I was complaining about feeling fat but no. I felt sick because I was bloated. That’s a feeling I’ve been getting a lot lately. I should do something about it. Oh well, we then went to Causeway Point because An wanted to pass something to one of his friends working at the Starbucks there and I wanted to get some sushi.

A picture of the sushi I ended up getting. Looks good, right?

A picture of the sushi I ended up getting. Looks good, right?

Yes, yes. I was bloated but I could still think about food, okay! Although the original plan had been to walk around Causeway Point, we all ended up lazing at the Starbucks because we found a good spot. But soon An left. And then Shaf. And then I got my sushi and Chels got her Burger King and we went home too.


Minyi left before we remembered to take a selfie. Awww…

3. A Fishy Brunch followed by a Three-Hour Karaoke Session  These were plans that started developing as time passed. Originally it had just been me wanting to try The Manhattan Fish Market’s ‘Hungry Fisherman Challenge’. The challenge was to complete three portions of Fish and Chips in under 10 minutes. If you do, you get the meal for free. If you don’t then you have to pay $29.95 for the meal. Chelsea was the one that had recommended that I try it. I was skeptical at first but then I thought, “Why not?” So, I got Shafna and Minyi on board in addition to Chelsea to join me. Then Vera decided to join us too. The plan was to karaoke in the morning and then have lunch. But since the karaoke lounge wasn’t opening until 2pm and some of us were feeling hungry, we decided to have brunch first. Whether or not I managed to complete the challenge, I shall not reveal just yet. Because the whole thing was recorded and I guess you’ll find out when the video gets uploaded.


I was anxiously waiting, thinking when I should start digging in. I only had 10 minutes!

Anyway, karaoke-ing was lots of fun. I have only ever been to a karaoke lounge twice. I prefer to karaoke in the comfort of my room when I know no one is at home. So I guess, me being fine with singing terribly in front of those people meant that I had a certain level of comfort around them and that should account for something about our level of friendship, right? Some of the best moments was singing ‘Popular Song’ with Chelsea, ‘Oath’ with Shafna and ‘YMCA’ with all four of them. I’m sure there were some more but I just can’t seem to remember them right now. After the three hours ended, we all went our own separate ways.


Her phone camera has a way of making us both look flawless and don’t you dare tell me otherwise.

4. Catch-Up Session with Gina I’ve been meaning to catch up with her forever. We had planned to meet on Friday but since my Thursday plans got moved to Friday, I attempted to move my plans with her forward to Thursday, on the day itself. And surprisingly she was totally fine with it. She ended up 20 minutes late. Which helped start us start off on the right foot since our meet-ups are filled with a lot of sassing and insulting each other. We walked over to Bakerzin. I swear, the desserts on display always taunt me whenever I walk past. So, when I found out about a tea time promotion that entitles you to a dessert and beverage for about $11, I knew I should give it a try.


I had a slice of the Adagio cake for my dessert and Gina had a slice of the Sweet Pleasure cake. The one closer to the camera is obviously mine.

We spent time talking about life, the holidays, secondary school and Top Model. After that, we walked around North Point. I was hoping to find myself some new tees. But nothing appealed to me. The original plan with Gina had been to head to somewhere like town so that I could get my tees and then head back to North Point for Bakerzin. But I was totally fine with going with the flow. We also then started hunting for some makeup Gina wanted. We went store to store but she ended up not getting anything. HAHA. It was quite an adventure though. I also took some selfies with her and there are a couple that I am obsessed with because we both look flawless.  Eventually, we decided to head home.

We're so 'evil'.

We’re so ‘evil’. Just another one of our pretty selfies.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to catch up with her again sometime soon after the new semester of school begins. It would be rewarding to catch up and have another delicious slice of cake and some beverage that helps me de-stress a little.

5. Badminton with the Cousins After playing badminton the other day, I felt like I wanted more. Yes, contrary to popular belief, I don’t mind certain sports… Like bowling, badminton and shopping. And since I am no longer in contact with the friends I used to play badminton with and the friends that wouldn’t mind playing badminton are busy, I decided to ask my cousins. So, plans were made and I was pretty excited. On the day, I could tell it was going to rain. I kept saying, “Please don’t rain, please don’t rain” to myself, hoping that it would somehow affect whether it rained or not.

I really wanted to play badminton for two reasons: 1) I needed to exercise and 2) I wanted to spend time with my cousins away from our laptops and handphones. In the end, although it was extremely windy, we managed to play for about an hour and a half and then it started raining heavily so we headed back. We wanted to go get Slurpees but we couldn’t because of the rain. So, we passed time at our Aunt’s house playing ‘Heads Up!’, chilling and listening to music. I kept looking out the window because I really wanted the rain to stop so that I could go get myself a Slurpee. It stopped… Like two hours later and we headed out. Just as we walked into 7-11, we all realised that the Slurpee machine was conveniently out of order. Just our luck right? We ended up getting bubble teas instead. After that, it was dinner at my Aunt’s and then home for me.

Looks like it’s a wrap on my holidays. It’s been fun and a lot more active than I expected and wanted it to be. Oh well… I’m not going to complain that the six weeks passed by very quickly or that I didn’t get enough of a break. I mean sure, I wouldn’t mind but it’s been a good break, not it’s time to get back to work. I’ll admit that last night, I was kinda nervous about the new semester of school but as of right now, I’m mentally ready. I’ve come up with sort of a strategy which I might write about upon testing it out the first week or two. Until then…


P.S: Just watched the A Long Way Down movie and it was great for a condensed and slightly different version of the book. Loved it and will probably look into buying the blu-ray somehow or someway.

“We all spend so much time not saying what we want…


“We all spend so much time not saying what we want, because we know we can’t have it. And because it sounds ungracious, or ungrateful, or disloyal, or childish, or banal. Or because we’re so desperate to pretend that things are OK, really, that confessing to ourselves they’re not looks like a bad move. Go on, say what you want. … Whatever it is, say it to yourself. The truth will set you free. Either that or it’ll get you a punch in the nose. Surviving in whatever life you’re living means lying, and lying corrodes the soul, so take a break from the lies for just one minute.”

― Nick HornbyA Long Way Down

“When you’re unhappy, I guess everything in the world – reading, eating, sleeping – has something buried somewhere inside it that just makes you unhappier.”

― Nick HornbyA Long Way Down

“Everyone knows how to talk, and no one knows what to say.”

― Nick HornbyA Long Way Down

I just finished this book that I bought back in March. It has been lying in my bookshelf since, staring at me every time I look in the direction of the bookshelf. But I finally got to reading this some time last week and I finished it today. It’s definitely one of my favourite books.

A short synopsis of the book would be, four strangers who are all leading miserable lives in their own eyes meet each other on the roof of a building on the night of New Year’s Eve; the night they plan to jump off a building and end it all. However, after getting to know each other, they realise that they might just be able to get through their problems together. But as we all know with four very different personalities, there is conflict, laughs and many emotional moments which makes for a good read.

The writing is amazing. The characters are equal amounts compelling and loveable. I never once felt like reading the book was a chore. Now, I can’t wait to watch the movie. I would honestly recommend it to anyone. I just posted some of the many quotes I thought were relatable and meaningful from the book.

With that being said, do let me know what you think if you end up giving the book a try. It will not disappoint, trust me.


From BBQs to Glow Sticks (And Everything In-Between)

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 11.24.45 pm

The much anticipated class chalet is over and I can’t decide if it was exactly what I expected it to be or if it was better than I expected. So, here I go reflecting on the 3D2N experience.

Pre-chalet, the only planning me and Minyi had to do was to finalise the date and choice of the chalet as well as to order the food for the barbecue. Although it doesn’t seem like much, we did have to accommodate to as many people’s schedules and preferences as possible, so I would say it wasn’t as easy as you think. Then we couldn’t decide if to organise and plan activities. Minyi was all up for it but I felt like not everyone would participate if we did and then it would have been a wasted effort. So, I tried convincing her that it should just be a chalet for us to hangout and chill. Let people find their own way of entertaining themselves, right?

Leading up to the chalet, the people around me were excited and we always talked about what we should do at the chalet. The chalet this year was six to eight times bigger than the chalet last year. And of course, this time we also had a barbecue planned. Those were just some simple reasons as to why I was excited and looking forward to it.

So when the day came, about 11 of us met up at Pasir Ris MRT and made our way to the chalet together by bus. We got off at the wrong stop and had to walk a little thanks to Huszainy. Then we waited outside the reception since we couldn’t check in earlier than the allocated time. I had wanted to arrive earlier so we could explore the place but there wasn’t exactly any place around to explore. After like 20-30 minutes of waiting, we were given our keys and briefed on the do’s and don’ts before we made our way to the chalet.

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 11.07.12 pm

As we waited for the bus, I attempted a group selfie but… I evidently failed to capture everyone.

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 11.39.00 pm

A bus just for us! … And other commuters. (Credit: Shafna)

Jamie and I had planned to run into the house and start screaming and cheering like they do on Top Model but we had some trouble opening the main door so that killed our momentum. Regardless, when we entered we had a good look around and I think some of us started claiming our rooms. There were four rooms in total and I knew that I wasn’t exactly planning on sleeping so I didn’t actually care too much to claim a room. I must mention that Minyi and Nica decided that it would be the smartest thing to do by screaming when entering a room because something had moved. The same thing happened when the door was about to close behind them. Gosh… Well, you can thank the wind for that.

Everyone then sat down in the living room. Sam provided us with some entertainment by connecting her laptop to the TV in the living room. We watched some music videos (including Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ which in my opinion, became the theme song of the chalet). As more people arrived at the chalet, the living room became more lively. Then someone suggested going on Omegle and so we did. Chelsea and I started chatting with random strangers until we got banned for some reason. Oh well…

Chilling in the living room. (Credit: Shafna)

For quite some time, there was no food and drinks around. I felt like it was my fault and because of poor planning but I was comforted with the realisation that everyone was old enough to take care of themselves. In addition, one of our lecturers was supposed to be arriving soon with a car full of snacks and drinks. When the first two lecturers arrived, some of us helped transfer the snacks and drinks from the car to the kitchen. And #damn there was loads of snacks and drinks. From cup noodles to biscuits to Pringles and nachos and plenty of drinks too.

A little while later the barbecue food arrived and it was time to start the fire. Minyi and Huszainy were the main ones working on the fire with the support of a lot of people as the others tried fanning the fire in hopes of keeping the fire going (I think). And as time passed, it was nice to see people taking turns to fan the fire and to barbecue the food. On the other hand, I didn’t want to get involved with that since I really had no experience. So, I helped play some music alongside Dalene, Jesleen and Nica on Vera’s speakers. After everyone was fed, some played ‘mind games’ with the lectures while the rest of us were chilling at the dining table. We pretended to be judges on Top Model auditioning potential models. HAHA.

Almost everyone took turns helping out with the barbecue. #Teamwork. (Credit: Shafna)

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 11.34.44 pm

Looks pretty good, doesn’t it? (Credit: Shafna)

As time passed, those who weren’t staying overnight left and then I retreated to one of the rooms with some people. Before we started a game of Truth or Truth, we all took turns showering since everyone else was at the dining table playing games or in the living room watching shows on the TV, courtesy of Sam’s laptop.

The girls tried styling my wet hair and said I look better with my hair slicked back... Meh.

The girls tried styling my wet hair and said I look better with my hair slicked back but I’m not too sure about that.

Before we started Truth or Truth, we decided to use some glow sticks that I brought. (My brother had passed them to me and it was not like they were going to be of any use to me at home, so I decided to bring them to the chalet.) The game lasted for a really really long time until people got tired and some decided to go to sleep.

For a long time, this is all you could see in our room.

For a long time, this is all you could see in our room.

Me and Chelsea tried to sleep on the floor since all the beds were occupied. But she got up and left without saying anything and I followed soon after. But I’m glad I did because Chelsea, Shantel, Sam and Wesley were chilling in the living room watching some show. Belicia and Jessica were there but they fell asleep shortly after I joined them. After whatever they were watching ended, Sam introduced us to a show called, Faking It and it was really good! Whoever is reading this should look it up if you don’t know what it’s about. Thanks for the intro, Sam!


For some reason, I’m adding this picture hoping it will make you want to check it out.

After that, some people decided to go watch the sunrise. I’ve never actually tried to watch the sunrise so I decided to tag along. Plus, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have had anything else to do since everyone else was asleep. The sunrise was pretty but it took a long while to rise and a long walk to get to where we decided to watch it rise. I was impatient and kinda lazy so…

I didn't stay to watch the sun rise any further than this. #Impatient

I didn’t stay to watch the sun rise any further than this. #Impatient

But here's a stolen picture from someone who did stay to watch it rise. (Credit: Eunice)

But here’s a stolen picture from someone who decided to stay to watch the sun rise. (Credit: Eunice)

When we got back to the chalet, Chelsea and I wanted to have some beer in the morning… Root beer that is! And I asked anyone who walked past if they wanted to join us in having some beer before telling them that I was referring to root beer. HAHA. Colin and Jamie then woke up and joined us in the kitchen where Chelsea and I were hanging out. We had dragged in two chairs and positioned ourselves directly in front of the fan. As we were sitting around, I suggested we play competitive rounds of Heads Up! against each other. And it was really back and forth but obviously I’m going to say that Chelsea and I crushed Colin and Jamie. Like duh.

At around nine or ten in the morning, Shafna and Minyi arrived. While some people were thinking of heading out for breakfast, the two of them started the “Cup Noodles For Breakfast” movement and they were joined by another six to eight people including me. After that, we headed up to a room to play charades. I was extremely competitive… I couldn’t help myself. But we strangely didn’t establish a winning team at the end of it.

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 11.40.55 pm

Only Alicia can make eating cup noodles look so glamorous. I don’t even know if I’m being sarcastic. (Credit: Shafna)

As afternoon approached, more people had left and we were down by quite a number of people. Everyone gathered in the living room where we played musical chairs. I was eliminated early both times I participated… I think. After that, we agreed on barbecue-ing the leftovers from yesterday. As more food was added to the dining table it became official that we were having a family lunch together. So everyone pitched in and helped in some way. Either to clean up, to microwave or to barbecue. It was nice.

I’m not used to having meals with my family so this was really nice. (Credit: Minyi)

I'm not used to having meals with my family so this was really nice.

A selfie with all of us at the dining table from a different angle. (Credit: Huszainy)

After that, Jamie, Chelsea and I decided to take a two hour nap so that we could stay up longer, later that night. And I feel proud to say that I hadn’t slept in over 24 hours. That’s a first. When I woke up, someone had called for a meeting in one of the rooms to discuss dinner plans. Whether to head out and have dinner or to have food delivered to us. Everyone agreed on McDonald’s. I was telling myself not to have dinner after having both breakfast and lunch as I was feeling extremely bloated. But I caved in to peer pressure.

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 11.24.58 pm

Vera, Huszainy, Shafna and I being silly after discussing our dinner plans. Felt like a #RichKids moment.

Let's be shady together.

Let’s be shady together.

Everyone had dinner together at the dining table once again. After which I felt even more bloated. I decided to walk around and ended up climbing up and down the stairs ten times. It didn’t really help but at least I tried. Later, we all gathered in one of the rooms for another session of talking into the late night. There were ghost stories and then we digressed into our favourite memories from the past semester. Eventually everyone got restless and we were just started lazing around. We spent some time playing Icomania on Jamie’s phone, searching for answers on Google when we had no clue.

That night, we were down to nine people which meant enough beds for everyone! I roomed with Huszainy and Alicia. While Huszainy was away, I decided to annoy Alicia to the best of my ability. I read out her Instagram captions with a certain accent and made her cringe every time. It was hilarious. I’m referring to her reaction but yes her captions were hilarious too. But we eventually fell asleep.

The next day, we woke up two hours before check-out time to clean up but we were left with a lot of spare time. So, we watched those advertisements where they promote a product and ask you to call in to buy the product. I really can’t remember what the term for it is. We made fun of how scripted the ads were and at the same time we were annoyed by how repetitive the ads were. However, we didn’t have anything else to watch.

Eventually, the people came to inspect the chalet and we found out that a teaspoon and a chopstick were missing. In the end, we weren’t charged for the loss either so it was all cool. We all then made our way home and split up accordingly.

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 11.08.22 pm

As far as I’m concerned, If this was a reality show, the three of us would be the ‘Final Three’.

I didn’t think I would have so much to write about but clearly a lot happened over the three days and two nights and I honestly have no regrets. There isn’t exactly anything I would change. Yes, I know some of you know that I wanted to change something but I just really don’t care about it anymore. Everything happened the way it should and I enjoyed the chalet. Until next time, PEACE OUT.