And… It’s a wrap!

If my life was a reality show, today would be the end of a season. I am not quite sure how I feel about time flying by so fast. But it’s all good.

It feels like the past seven weeks have just been a preview of what’s still to come over the next 2-3 years. Learning the different personalities in class and cliques that divide the class has surely been interesting and entertaining. All I have to say about all that, is that I think things are fine just the way they are now.  

I plan on spending the holidays hopefully reconnecting with some old friends. I do have a feeling however, that not everyone will be “free”. (Shocker! Not really…) But I’ll make do with what I have. Not forgetting spending time with cousins, family and hopefully some of my classmates(you know who you are *wink*).

I’m glad I don’t really have any homework. Only thing I need to get done would be a group project on a children’s story. My group has a pretty interesting dynamic to it. But I also hope we can work together well and get the project out of the way.

And on the days when i’m just lazing at home… I’ll continue working on finishing the long list of tv programs I want to watch. 90210, The Newsroom, Drop Dead Diva, Suburgatory, Duck Dynasty, Heroes, Lost and Snooki & JWOOW are all on the list. Some of these shows have more than just a few seasons. I hope to finish them all over the next three weeks(Ambitious…I know) but I’ll get side tracked by some other show that’s not on the list and might even end up adding more shows.

Well, what can I say? I like to keep myself busy after all.



One thought on “And… It’s a wrap!

  1. Cool blog! Will be looking forward to the rest of your posts 🙂 A definite follow.

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