Married to Medicine


(From left to right: Mariah, Dr Simone, Dr Jackie, Quad, Kari & Toya)

Today, I finally finished watching Bravo’s “Married to Medicine“. At first, I thought it was going to be a tacky reality tv show and just a rip-off of their very popular “Real Housewives of …”  franchise but I’ve totally changed my mind. You are probably rolling your eyes if you don’t enjoy reality shows but as long as you don’t hate reality tv, you should read this blog and check the show out.

Of course, like any other ‘good’ reality show in my opinion, Married to Medicine had lots of drama. But Bravo managed to find a really likeable and interesting cast to make it even better.

The show basically revolves around the lives of six women in Atlanta. Two of them are doctors, while the other four are doctor’s wives. Therefore they all are part of the same social circle and have to get along with one another although it isn’t always the case.

The conflicts in the group, got me hooked from the first episode and if you ask me, there hasn’t been one boring episode. Without giving anything away, I’ll say that the climax of the series would be in the fourth episode when things get physical between two of the ladies. YES! You’re probably wondering why and what got the situation to that extent. So, I am just going to ask you to watch to find out!

The show has a total of ten episodes along with two reunion episodes where the women gather to discuss their issues with each other and the events of the season. All the episodes can be found on Youtube. So do check it out. But here’s the link to the first episode if you’re lazy!

It’s definitely worth watching so give it a shot.


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