(Don’t)Finish what you started…

I started drawing another portrait. Looks alright but it’s nothing great. I must say, I hate drawing curly hair. But I love my curly hair(for now). It’s about halfway done. With the hair and body still undrawn. Although I hate doing things halfway, I rather complete it tomorrow then to finish it today. Cause if I were to force myself to finish it today, it’s gonna end up sloppy.

Any guesses on who I’m drawing?(Hint: It’s a celebrity)

However as I’m blogging this it’s only 9pm and the night’s still young. Not like I’m going out or anything but I can have a movie or TV show marathon(which often ends after a few episodes) while devouring the Ben&Jerry’s Ice Cream that’s waiting for me. I’m dying to watch 90210 but I haven’t completed Suburgatory. Nawww… 

Hopefully, 90210 is entertaining. Cause if it isn’t, I would have started another show without really wanting to finish it. 


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