Today in a nutshell.

– My desktop computer is suffering from a hard disk failure. This sucks cause I can’t download get the latest episodes of my favourite shows now… Unless I use my macbook but I don’t want to risk it getting any viruses from all the downloads.

– I hung out with my cousins. It was pretty much what I expected. We watched Kenan&Kel and I made them watch Bad Girls All Star Battle(Mix Bad Girls Club and Survivor and The Challenge). Surprisingly they kinda liked it. Well who doesn’t love drama?(Answer: Everyone loves drama as long as they are not involved). I also played Monopoly Deal with them and I didn’t win.*Rolls eyes* They kinda got me addicted to ‘Fun Run’, but I denied liking it.

– I had a Skype call with my group mates for a project. Ashley, Chels(Chelsea) & Mels(Melissa). I’m gonna start calling Melissa, ‘Mels’ from now on(Yes. I came up with it myself). I’m such a genius when it comes to nicknames(Or at least I’d like to think that). We managed to get work done! And most importantly we had fun in the process.

Sidenote: They wanted me to blog about how awesome they are. But I can’t really get two sentences out on that express that in words cause they are just too awesome.

This part below hasn’t happened yet but…

Cover of "Everyone's a Critic (Drama!)"

– I’m planning on continuing to read my book. It’s “Drama!: Everyone’s a Critic” by Paul Ruditis. And it’s really entertaining and interesting. Once I’ve read a satisfying amount which doesn’t make me feel guilty for not reading… I’ll watch “What to expect, when you are expecting” while having brownies topped with Ben&Jerry’s Ice Cream.(Funny how I’m looking forward to the food more than the movie but yeah…)

So that’s my day in a nutshell. Hopefully I’ll have more to blog about tomorrow. You can definitely expect a review on “What to Expect When You Are Expecting” if I stick to the planned schedule.



One thought on “Today in a nutshell.

  1. You’re totally not the first to think of Mels, lol! Will bookmark your blog 🙂

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