It’s been a bad day but…

there’s no point dwelling on the petty bullsh*t that ruined my day. So I won’t mention much about it other than that for the first time today, I didn’t have fun in town. The ‘fun’ aspect was outweighed by people being pissed at each other, not talking and mood swings. It just sucks cause I was looking forward to it, knowing that I’ve had fun in town with these people before. But not everything works out your way and I’ve accepted that. 

On the other hand, I didn’t even finish watching “What to Expect When You Are Expecting” yesterday night. In my opinion, the movie was a little messy. It was focused on a few couples having their babies and it was just kinda hard for me to follow since they were all in one way or another linked. But I must say that they had a real All-Star Cast. From JLO to Anna Kendrick(Pitch Perfect) to the hilarious Rebel Wilson and a lot more celebrities.  Basically the movie was not what I expected it to be and so I didn’t really enjoy it. 

Speaking of enjoying, I wanna start drawing a new portrait. Not sure who this time though. And I am having fun reading my book chapter by chapter. It’s not that it isn’t interesting but I’m just lazy cause there are other things to do which appeal to me more. like Fun Run & trashy reality shows

That’s all I have to say I guess. So…



One thought on “It’s been a bad day but…

  1. AYO GG!!! 😀 Cheerio!

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