Book me an appointment!(Or not)

Yesterday, I found out that a friend apparently doesn’t have time during this 3 week break to hang out with me. I really don’t know how to react to this cause it’s 3 weeks. Let me repeat with the emphasis on the THREE. Even if you are going overseas for a bit and have plans, are you sure you can’t even spare a day? Times like these, I wonder if it’s me and my definition of a ‘friend’, requiring too much from the person. Or just the person not acting the way they should. But I did reply to the text with a “Oh ok”. Cause I knew it wasn’t worth arguing over.  

Anyways, I finished the second book in the “Drama!” series and can move on to the third one.(Duh…) My worries about not having the fourth(and final) part to the series, have been dismissed cause the library has it! I don’t know why I stopped going to the library. Other than for the fact that some books look really dirty and me not having the time to read.(EXCUSES! I know…) But when you’re in a writing course, reading just seems like a must. So I’m glad I can say that I’ve been reading and I hope this momentum doesn’t die down. 

I feel like I’m at this stage where I can walk into a bookstore or book fair and not feel guilty for browsing the books cause I am making progress on the books rotting at home. There are plenty for me to read but I’ll take them down one by one.(*Evil grin*) 


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