Putting things into perspective

With all the outings, movies and birthdays coming up, I have to say it’s been quite some time since I felt so busy. Not knowing when to meet or what movie to watch and the popular dilemma of not knowing what to get for someone’s birthday were just a few questions I’ve had for the past week.  A lot of that got settled for me today and I’m looking forward to the rest of the holidays.(YAY!) 

Birthdays: I’ve sorted out what gifts to get for most people. Still need to actually go out there and get some but it feels good knowing what I want to get so I don’t have to worry about it later.

Sidenote: I usually go all out for Birthday & Xmas gifts for family and friends,(those that I’m really close to) so I often find myself over-thinking the gift. 

Movies & Outings: I’ll be catching two movies next week. “F&F6″(Although I haven’t watched the first five movies, kinda left without a choice. Why did they have to postpone “The Internship” to August? #Ughhh) &  “Now You See Me”. Honestly, I’m not looking forward to both movies cause I enjoy Comedies more than Action & Sci-Fi movies but it doesn’t matter cause I love hitting town with my friends!(Or even by myself) 

Oh and also my old colleagues/friends/schoolmates who I met at work, might just be meeting up too. Kinda looking forward to that cause I haven’t seen most of them around. Even those who have classes in the same building as me in school. Hope it’ll be fun! 

And you’d think that going to a book fair to get more books when I already have dozens to read would kinda mess up my reading schedule cause I won’t know where to start but it kinda worked the other way. I got a few new books. I Didn’t feel that guilty browsing the books at the fair since I have been reading.(But I did feel guilty seeing the new books in the series that I’ve abandoned) 

It’s been a good day and hope more of these come around. 


P.S: I forgot to mention that I got the cotton candy that I’ve been craving. Hooray! 


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