Now You See Me Review

ImageFirstly, I just want to say that there will be NO SPOILERS in this review. It will be a general review without revealing the twists and details. So if after this review you feel like watching the movie, I would not have spoiled the fun for you.

When I watched the trailer to this movie, I had no interest in watching it at all. Maybe it was cause I didn’t understand what was going on or me not liking it simply cause it wasn’t a comedy. But having watched it now(although I had to read another review of the movie with spoilers to totally understand what happened after I watched the movie earlier), I would say that it was pretty impressive.

The Plot: So basically the movie is about a group of magicians who get in trouble for robbing a bank. There were points where I began to doubt the reality of all the magic tricks and I couldn’t really catch all the explanations or at least understand them on the spot.(Thus, why I had to refer to another review where everything was explained) Even after that, I still feel that some explanations didn’t really make sense and wish they could have made the tricks a little more realistic.

The Characters: I honestly loved the characters in this movie. There might not have been much character development to know everything about everyone but the dynamic of the group was just perfect.(In my opinion) We have the young & old(not really that old but you get the point), male & female, sarcastic & serious, etc. Loved how the characters meet one another and work together. And then we have an FBI agent with a no-nonsense attitude having to deal with them and Morgan Freeman trying to expose the magicians but revealing the secrets to their tricks. It all just really mashed well together.

The Cast: This movie had a pretty diverse cast and after watching the movie, I really wanted to find out what other movies these actors/actresses were in. Basically by saying that I’m trying to say that they were really good. (Once again, in my opinion) And I might be starting to become a fan of Mark Ruffalo(the guy who played “The Incredible Hulk” in the Avengers). The plot may have not been that realistic but the cast made it believable.(Deep… I know)

The End: I should have seen it coming, having accidentally read the headlines of an article about the ending of this movie. But I didn’t till a few seconds before the revelation. It did make sense though. Not when watching the movie but after coming home and reading the explanations. There was proper reasoning  and it might not have been the most realistic but this is where the whole “It’s just a movie” line comes in and makes it all ok.

Would I watch the movie again?: Yes. I would. I would have really wanted to watch it again if I hadn’t read the explanations after watching it the first time. But I’ll still watch it again just for the comic relief and story cause it was fun. It is definitely worth watching.

My Rating: 7.5/10

So that’s all I have to say about the movie. Do you feel like watching it now? Well if you do, don’t hesitate cause I’d say it is worth watching.

If you’re looking for a review with spoilers:



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