How good was your day?

This post is a little overdue cause it’s from yesterday. However, I couldn’t get a proper internet connection to post it after typing it out and it wasn’t saved as a draft either so I’m re-typing it out again right now.

What I wanted to share through this post is that you can’t really judge your day when you haven’t completed it yet. So, don’t zone out and be miserable mid-day cause things aren’t going your way.(I tend to do that sometimes) What matters the most is how your day ends. And the perfect example for me would be, yesterday.

In summary, I started my morning feeling excited but it got killed a while before noon. Things got better in the afternoon to evening period, with lots of laughter, fun & games but I returned to the same sort of “mood kill” at night. Thank god it didn’t just end there cause a game of monopoly changed it all and helped me end my day well and feeling happy.(board games do help even when you come in last, like in my situation). 

So what I’m trying to say is, no matter how bad your day is, just try to end it well and all will be good. With that being said, hope everyone is having a good day or will at least end it feeling happy. 



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