ImageI think everyone who likes teen fiction should check out this series by Paul Ruditis. I don’t want to bore you with a long book review. But I’ll say that I really enjoyed reading every single book in this series and would definitely read it again sometime. I can relate to some of the events and people in the book. And sometimes the characters in this book remind me of people in my life. 

Although I loved the series, I’m glad they stopped at four books cause if it continued then it would be too draggy. It had a perfect ending in the final book which you wouldn’t have expected reading the first. #LovedIt 

Now, speaking of drama, we all must admit that we have drama in our lives and we might not enjoy it but it is what ultimately makes our lives interesting.(like a reality show) So, here’s a quoted conversation between the characters from the final book in the series, “Entrances & Exits”. 

“All that drama,” I said. “Over nothing.”

“Isn’t that what all good drama turns out to be about in the end?” Hope asked.

We all nodded together as if nothing more needed to be said. 


I’m not sure if you guys can relate, but I sure can. The things that get us so worked up one day is something you can laugh at the next. And all the people you hate in school now, you won’t necessarily have to see in the future. So why bother fighting, arguing and hating in the first place? Just something to think about. 




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