The Real World Portland



(From left to right: Johnny, Anastasia, Avery, Johnny, Marlon, Jessica, Joi & Nia)

Although I’m happy that Real World Portland has come to an end (since I’ve got loads of tv shows on my to-watch list), I must say that it’s been a really good and entertaining season that I’ll miss. Not only did they have a great cast(in my opinion) but there was an interesting storyline and sufficient drama to keep me interested unlike the previous few seasons.

The show is the 26th season in MTV’s “The Real World” series where a group of seven strangers(sometimes eight) get picked to live in a house and have their lives taped. The main attraction of the show as mentioned in the opening is, “Find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real.” Unlike other competitive reality shows this one doesn’t have a winner. They all grow from the experience and so in a way they are ALL winners. 

The drama in this season started off pretty early but reached a whole new level when Nia entered the house to replace one of the other roommates who decided to leave. From what used to be verbal arguments, the fights now got physical. Nia got into fights with three roommates(two guys & 1 girl) in total and was the “bitch” of the season. There is also lots of boyfriend/girlfriend drama along the way.(which doesn’t really interest me but yeah…) 

But there’s more to the show then the fights and arguments. The roommates get jobs and learn more about themselves too. They all have a story to tell(just like all of us), and this show is a great way for them to tell their story their own way. 

Here’s a trailer of the show if you’re interested. 

Give it a try if this post has convinced you too. 



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