5 Singers, I’d pay to see LIVE in concert Pt. 1

The title pretty much explains the contents of this post. Just wanted to say that I’m sure the list might change as time passes but this would be my list, as of June 2013.

#5: Jessie J


I love Jessie J’s style of fashion & music. You can almost recognise any song of her’s cause of her unique voice and I’d definitely love to see her LIVE in concert one day.

I think she still looks gorgeous without hair. She shaved it all off for a good cause anyway. And this shows that she’s not only a great singer but a great human being too!


Since she did perform in Singapore just earlier this year, I think that the probability of her performing here again is quite high. We’ll just have to wait a few years and see. I didn’t attend her concert earlier this year cause I couldn’t find anyone to tag along with me. #JustMyLuck. Hopefully she’ll be back after producing another successful album. But that doesn’t mean she won’t perform songs from her first album right?

Some of my favourite tracks by Jessie J would be, “Price Tag”, “Nobody’s Perfect”, “Abracadabra”, “Who’s Laughing Now” and “Domino”. These songs are from her first album, “Who You Are”. “Domino” would actually be my alarm in the morning. #HAHA People should also check out  one of her new songs, “Wild”. Here’s the music video below. I’ll admit it took me some time to like it. Felt like the raps spoilt the song. But the chorus is just pure perfectly wonderful.(In my opinion)

Oh and I almost forgot about her song, “Silver Lining(Crazy About You)” which I had on repeat for the first few weeks I had listened to it. Do check it out too. It’s not from one of her albums but from the Soundtrack of the movie, “Silver Linings Playbook”.(It was a great movie btw!)

Coming up next is…

#4: Ke$ha


I know some people hate her style, voice and music but I have to disagree. Just like Jessie J, Ke$ha does have her own unique voice and style. And I’m definitely a fan.

It was hard choosing between Ke$ha and Jessie J, but Ke$ha does have more songs that I like and so I based my decision based on that.

I think the probability of Ke$ha coming down to Singapore is pretty high. She hasn’t visited Singapore since her new album, “Warrior” was released. So if she is done promoting the album by going on tour, then I guess we’ll just have to wait till her next album. But if she does come before that, get me some tickets ready!


I think Ke$ha looks great in both her wild and classy looks. This picture above shows what I consider classy. She looks great doesn’t she? When I say wild, I’m referring to when she uses all the bling bling and face paint.

Since Ke$ha has more than just one album, there are quite a number of songs I like. From her older albums, “The Harold Song”, “We R Who We R”, “Crazy Beautiful Life”, “Backstabber”, “Blah Blah Blah” and quite a lot more. From her new album, “Warrior”, I like “Warrior” & “C’mon”. Although, “Die Young” has a great beat I don’t really like it too much. But one of her not so popular songs from “Warrior” would be, “All That Matters(The Beautiful Life)”. I love it cause it’s a care-free song and sometimes we all need to just lean back and relax. Here’s a lyric video below.

That’s all I’m gonna say for now. Check back again for the Top 3 singers I’d pay to see LIVE in concert. I have chosen them. Just want to leave ya’ll guessing for a bit while you check out the 2 singers I’ve mentioned above. Have fun!

– To Be Continued –



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