5 Singers, I’d pay to see LIVE in concert Pt. 2

In part 1, I mentioned the first two singers at ranks #4 & #5. In this post, I’ll be mentioning the next two singers, ranking at #2 & #3. If you haven’t read the first part, here’s the link below.


#3: MIKA


MIKA is the only male singer to make this list. I didn’t like him too much until the past few weeks, when I discovered that the songs from his newest album, “The Origin of Love” had more than just a few good songs! In fact, I’m addicted to quite a number of the songs in the album.

I love his voice and style of music. Unique. Just like, Jessie J & Ke$ha, you can almost recognise any of his songs when you hear them playing on the radio or in a store. But MIKA doesn’t only have a unique voice and awesome songs, he has a great sense of fashion and I definitely admire his style!


I’d say that the probability of MIKA performing in Singapore is pretty high. He has been here before back in 2010. Back then, I didn’t really know about him and it’s not like I would have had the money to buy concert tickets either. It’s been 3 years and I definitely hope MIKA will come down soon enough. I’m pretty sure he performed in Indonesia earlier this year or late last year on his tour which just makes me wonder why not Singapore?

Some of my favourite songs by him are, “Happy Ending” and “Grace Kelly” from his first two albums. And a lot of tracks from his “The Origin of Love” album. Like, “Lola”, “Stardust”, “Emily”, “Popular Song”, “Overrated” & “Tah Dah”. There are definitely a few more which I haven’t warmed up to yet. Plus, I haven’t checked out the songs on his first two albums. Anyway here’s the first song I heard by him and till today, I can listen to it on repeat and not get tired of it.

Some might say that his songs are “weird” but I say that they are wonderfully different.

Next up, at #2 is…

#2: Katy Perry


Firstly, isn’t she beautiful? I sure think she is. Secondly, I must say that it was really hard choosing between MIKA & Katy Perry. Simply cause one was my new favourite(MIKA) and the other was a favourite who I’m not that crazy about(Katy Perry). But what I used to come to my decision is who had more songs which I liked and that would be Katy Perry.

From her first album “One of the Boys”, I already started becoming a fan. And her second album “Teenage Dream”, I like about 10 out of 12 songs. That should explain my decision right? However unlike the previous three, I don’t really like Katy Perry’s fashion style cause it’s a bit too crazy some times. But when she keeps it simple, classy and elegant, I’m all up for it!


The probability of Katy Perry performing in Singapore is average. She was just here last year but only performed at the F1 Grand Prix. If she had a solo concert, I’d totally go. I’d enjoy almost every single song she sings! So, I do hope she comes down and I attend the concert with people who can go crazy with me as we sing-along and scream.(But things don’t always work out the way you want them to) We’ll just have to wait and see, I guess?

I like a lot of her songs. From her first album, “Mannequin”, “Waking up in Vegas”, “Thinking of You”, “Fingerprints”, “If You Can Afford Me” and a few more. While all the songs in her 2nd album excluding, “Pearl” & “Who Am I Living For?”. Here’s one of her not so popular songs, “Fingerprints” which I like.

So that’s all for this part! Look out for the third and final part where I reveal the singer in first place as well as two of the singers who I considered but failed to make the list.



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