90210 Season 1 Character Opinions


Having finally finished the first season of 90210, I’ve decided to write down my opinions of the main characters so I can see how they change over the next 4 seasons. With new characters and story lines thrown into the mix, there are bound to be changes in opinions right?

The 7 main characters are, Ethan, Naomi, Annie, Dixon, Navid, Adriana & Silver. I’ll also be ranking them in order, starting from the one I like the least and ending with my favourite character.

#7: Dixon Wilson


Dixon was just a boring character to me. His problem this season, was dealing with having no sense of belonging(since he is adopted) and girlfriend problems with Silver. It was interesting to see where Dixon came from but other than for learning about his birth mother being bi-polar and that being the reason for him to be given up for adoption, we don’t know anything else. Yes, there is nothing else to know and so it’s boring. Although it was kinda obvious during the first two episodes that Silver & Dixon would couple up, I really think things could’ve been better if they just remained friends and then grew closer to become best friends. I don’t think that Dixon & Silver make a good couple anyways.

#6: Erin Silver


I expected her to be my favourite from the first episode but then after she coupled with Dixon and had her issues with him, it just got boring for me. I liked her at the start and the first few episodes with her & Dixon together but as time passed it became predictable and they had fights and didn’t get along and she went crazy. Although her recovery was kinda interesting, I hope to see more of her next season and hopefully she doesn’t get overshadowed by Dixon. I also expected her to be more confrontational with the people around her and be the “tough girl” cause she “doesn’t care what other people think” but I was disappointed.

#5: Adriana Tate-Duncan


Adriana’s issues over the season were teen pregnancy and drug abuse. She was pretty much a wreck throughout the season but it was kinda inspiring to see her power through it all in the end. Unlike Dixon & Silver, I think her relationship with Navid actually works well. Although, having not given up the baby for adoption would have given her an obvious storyline in Season 2, I wonder what other issues she could possibly have in the upcoming seasons. Also, Adriana is played by Jessie Lowndes and she is gorgeous!

#4: Navid Shirazi


Although I love his character, there is still so much that I don’t know about him. Like, he didn’t really have a proper storyline throughout the season other than for girlfriend problems with Adriana and dealing with her pregnancy and drug abuse. But that’s based off Adriana. Where is his own storyline?!? And where is the character development?!? Questions that I can only hope, get answered when I watch the 2nd season. To be fair, he is one of the main characters so he should have his own storyline…Right?

#3: Ethan Ward


At first, I didn’t really like Ethan. He is the “jock” & “boyfriend”. And it just seemed too plain, boring & cliché to me. But when he was single is when he became interesting. I started to like him towards the end of the season. Also curious to see what happens to him next. The only reason he is ranked higher than Navid is cause he has more character development. It’s also fun to see Ethan do things which a “jock” wouldn’t do.

#2: Annie Wilson


It was hard for me to choose between Annie & Naomi. But I think that just like Ethan, Annie’s character is predictable and boring. She’s the “nice girl”. And the moments when she wasn’t nice were the interesting parts(there weren’t that many). I also feel like Annie had so much boyfriend drama it just got real old, real fast. Her rivalry with Naomi was kind of fresh and not that predictable cause they fight, make up, fight, make up and it goes on and on.

#1: Naomi Clark


Naomi has to be the most likeable fictional, “Mean Girl” ever. Unlike hating her for being mean and direct, I actually like her. It’s always interesting to see what she’s up to whether it is a plan to keep her boyfriend, get back at someone or get a boy to like her. She never runs out of ideas. Some of her sarcastic or direct comments also give good laughs. But if there is one thing that I dislike about Naomi, it’s her family drama.

And… that’s my opinions of the 7 main characters to 90210. What do you think?



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