5 Singers I’d pay to see LIVE in concert Pt. 3

So it’s time for the third and final part in this series. Just in case you missed out on the first 2 parts, here are the links below.

Part 1: https://minuteswitharavind.wordpress.com/2013/06/16/5-singers-id-pay-to-see-live-in-concert

Part 2: https://minuteswitharavind.wordpress.com/2013/06/17/5-singers-id-pay-to-see-live-in-concert-pt-2/

Before we see who came in first, let’s take a look at the people who didn’t quite make the list.

Reject #1: Lady Gaga


I have been a fan from her first album, “The Fame”. All thanks to me buying her album when I only knew about 2 of her songs. #LOL But although her new music might be described by some as “creepy”, “weird” or “annoying”, I think that it’s just different. I like most of her songs. I mean, I’d listen to half her songs on repeat. Totally love, “Edge of Glory” & “Marry the Night”. I feel like as long as I find a way to relate to it or understand the song then I’m fine with it.

Although she has great music, I just don’t think I’m that BIG of a fan to enjoy her performance live. Cause while her die-hard fans will be screaming and shouting, I’ll just be like… Shut up please.  So I’ll focus more on the annoying people(no offence) instead of enjoying the songs and so I’d rather not waste my money. I’m just not that crazy for gaga, I guess.


The probability of Lady Gaga returning to Singapore is pretty high in my opinion. She was here just last year. So maybe she’ll be back next year or so when she goes on tour to promote her new album. Speaking of new album, I can’t wait to see what new songs she’ll have!(Not that I’ve heard that a new album is in production but just assuming)

Sidenote: She looks great with brown hair! Why didn’t I know about this? #Damn

Reject #2: Olly Murs 


I’m really not a huge fan of Olly. He has some great, catchy songs but that’s about it. But I can’t be too sure cause there are songs by him that I haven’t heard just yet. So, I might give it a go but no way I’d pay to see him live in concert cause I don’t know enough songs to enjoy the performance! I actually don’t even know why I considered him in the first place when making this list. #Hmmm

The probability of Olly coming to Singapore? Kinda high. He hasn’t been here yet.(I think) So if he doesn’t come here to promote his latest album this year then we’ll just have to wait till his next album.(Same Ol’, Same Ol’)


My favourite songs by him are basically, “Army of Two”, “Dance With Me Tonight”, “Heart Skips a Beat” & “Oh My Goodness”. I love these 4 songs but that’s about it. Mostly his singles if you noticed. So yeah.

This leads us to the top spot which goes to…

#1: Kelly Clarkson


Kelly Clarkson, is the complete package when it comes to a singer, in my opinion. She’s beautiful and has a great voice which she uses to sing really meaningful and inspiring songs. Maybe not all her songs are meaningful to you but they are definitely relatable. Everyone will probably be able to relate to at least one of her many songs. And I think that the ability to relate is something that is kinda missing in songs, nowadays.

I’ve liked her since I heard her song, “Breakaway” from her first album. I didn’t even know she had won American Idol back then. But what truely made me a huge fan is her latest album, “Stronger”. I like almost every single song on that album. I couldn’t relate to some of the songs but the beat and tune were just nice to listen to. And then when she released her, “Greatest Hits: Chapter 1” album, I totally loved the two new songs that were part of the album. “Catch My Breath” & “People Like Us” were just #PERFECT.


The last time, Kelly was in Singapore was three years ago back in April 2010. So, I’d say the odds of her returning are pretty high. Since, she’s been here once, she’ll come back right? Or at least I hope so. Just like the others on this list, hopefully she’ll come back once to promote a new album in the future. And I’ll spend whatever I have to, to get the best tickets. That is if, my friends are coming with me. No way, I’m going to a concert alone.

I love a lot of Kelly Clarkson’s songs and there are just way too many to mention. Basically her first album and her latest album. Love them lots. Here’s one of her latest music videos. Totally love the concept and lyrics. #TotesRelatable

So that’s it! That’s the complete list of 5 Singers, I’d pay to see LIVE in concert. Hope I had some people in there that you would have. But who would be on your list? Remember to leave your comments if you’ve thought about it! Till next time…



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