You’re kidding right?


Looking back at secondary school now, I feel like it was all one big joke. A prank that took four years to be executed and makes me finally wonder…

“Where’s the hidden camera? Cause this can’t be real.”

The experience was interesting with the elements of fun, drama & stress making it one long roller coaster ride. The people? Well there are the ones who are real and have become actual friends of mine. That list, would have about a maximum of 10 names. Yes. Out of all the people I’ve met over the past four years in school, I only consider about ten of them, my real & true friends. The rest of them are fake in their own ways.

Fake ranges from, delusional people to people who put up a facade and of course the ever popular backstabbers. I’ve experienced it all and I’ll admit, I’ve stabbed some people in the back. Unintentionally, most of the time.

Now it did seem real when I was going through it. The problems seemed huge. The fake friends seemed real. The stress seemed over bearing. But let’s take a look at things now, shall we?

I’ve seen several complaints by my former schoolmates about how they miss secondary school and “Awww… it’s over”. But if you ask me, I’m glad I’m out of that hell hole. I can’t really describe what I’ve been through but I know I can’t always play the victim. I got myself into some of the mess while the rest kinda found me. I’m happy with what I’m doing now though. The course I’m taking, the friends I’m making and the life I’m living. When you’re doing what you like, you don’t feel stressed out.

Meanwhile, I’m glad to see that the people who were on their own high horses in secondary school have been knocked off them now. I hope, that makes them realise that we are all on the same level in reality. They aren’t any better than me, contrary to their own belief.

I’m also glad to see, that the true colours of some people are starting to show. Especially, when my suspicions over the past few years about people, have been proven true. We might have been friends in school and I might have helped you more than you helped me but what does that all mean at the end of the day? Answer: Nothing. Be shady and not invite me to lunch, dinner or whatever it is that you guys are meeting for. I’m better off reading a book than dealing with that bullshit again.

It’s funny seeing how the cliques that once made me feel left out,(cause I didn’t fit into any) have now all been separated. How does it feel now, huh? Hope you are able to make new friends just so you can survive the next few years of your lives. But if you don’t, I couldn’t care less.

So seeing that, I don’t feel the stress like how I used to once feel, the friends I’d made are now strangers(with the exception of a handful of awesome people) & how I’m not made to worry about pointless and petty things any longer, the past four years seem like a complete joke to me.


P.S: The inspiration and drive for this post came from the the events of the past few months. The dis-invitations to various “hang-outs”, the neediness portrayed by my former schoolmates for their old cliques & friends & basically everything I’ve been through in secondary school.


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