Struck by Lighting Review

It’s time for another book and movie review. And from the title of this post, you’d already know that the book(and movie) that I’ll be reviewing is, “Struck by Lightning” by Chris Colfer.

The Book 


As soon as I saw the author of this book, I knew that it was a MUST for me to get the book. Not only is Chris Colfer one of my favourite actors on glee, but I find his personal life story, inspiring too.

The book is about Carson Phillips who has his whole future planned out. He wants to be a successful journalist and the youngest editor for The New Yorker. Therefore, he desires to go to Northwestern University and get out of his hometown, Clover. To higher his chances of entering the University, he has to submit a literary magazine with articles by him as well as his fellow schoolmates. But how is he supposed to get submissions when he hates everyone in school? Blackmail.

Along the way, Carson also has the added pressure of having to deal with his mother who sleeps all day as well as his senile grandmother whom he visit although she doesn’t remember him.

Before I get to why this book was awesome, I’ll just mention the things that I thought could have been better. Basically, only that the blackmailing he had to do seemed too easy. It didn’t really make it a difficult ordeal. But maybe it’s just me. Oh and the other thing is, I found the references kind of hard to understand sometimes. Although they weren’t important. It was annoying for me when I couldn’t understand them.

Now, the plus points. Although the book is about high school, it wasn’t a cliché. Sure, there were the different stereotypes but it wasn’t about fitting in. Carson clearly didn’t want to fit in. And that’s what made the story different and fun. He hated almost everyone and was direct about it. His sly comments and sense of humour were funny and entertaining. Both in dialogues and when reading his journal.

I also loved how Carson had to deal with his family, school and future at the same time. It made it REAL and relatable. It had some important teaching points which I don’t want to mention just incase I spoil the story. So overall, I really enjoyed it and would definitely read it again.

The Movie


The Plot: The story was the same as the book. Carson Phillips has to submit a literary magazine with articles by him and his schoolmates to higher his chances of entering his dream university, Northwestern University so as to ultimately have his dream job to be a successful journalist & the youngest editor for The New Yorker. But having openly expressed his hatred for his schoolmates, how is he supposed to get submissions? And along the way he has to deal with his sleep-all-day Mother & his senile Grandmother who he visits at the home for the elderly even though he doesn’t remember her.

The Characters: The characters were the same as the book as well. The only difference would be the co-relation between, Carson’s Father’s girlfriend/fiancé and his Mother which is not mentioned in the book. But I shall not mention the co-relation so that I don’t spoil the movie for you.

The Cast: A lot of familiar faces to me. But… Chris Colfer. Rebel Wilson. Allie Grant. Aren’t they already good enough to make a great cast which guarantees a great movie?

The End: The movie delivered what I expected it to. Although, reading the book would give you a deeper understanding of how Carson feels through it all, I think it’s alright to watch the movie before reading the book. You just won’t be able to feel some of the emotions during certain scenes which I enjoyed feeling, having read the book before watching the movie.

Would I watch the movie again?: YES. Definitely. The only reason I wouldn’t is cause certain parts make me emotional. Especially the parts with his Grandmother. Not that I’m that close to mine but it just triggers my emotions for some reason.

My Rating: 9/10

*Bonus question*

Must we read the book before the movie?: Refer to, “The End”.

That’s all I have for now…



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