Back to school

3 weeks of holidays have come to an end. And tomorrow(today, but I have no class today), will be the start of a new term of school. 

I am looking forward to certain things. Like the hanging out with friends, my birthday and the new drama. Well, I might not really get what I want when it comes to drama since I plan on being cordial and nice to the people I didn’t get along with but we’ll see. I’m excited at the thought of doing something new, which I shall not mention for now and everything else that’s fun.

But I’m certainly not looking forward to the projects. 

I’m not lazy and I’m all up for doing work to get the grades I want and need but then the thought of all the projects coming up over the next few weeks is just overwhelming. It’s like having to work on more than two projects at once. Maybe I’m just exaggerating but I’ll find out soon enough. I’m hoping I end up in groups with people I can work with. I haven’t ended up in a group with the people I don’t want to group with, just yet. That gives me the feeling that I will have to soon. 

Oh god… I totally forgot about the General Education module. Unlike most people, I think it isn’t that bad. It’s just awkward and boring at times. Hoping I did well for the first test. Maybe that will make me feel better about that module. 

Feeling skeptical about things is quite common for me. So I shall not dwell on it and see what happens over the next few weeks. Hoping for the best!



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