What an interesting week…

It was time to go back to school, this week and there’s been so much going on! And the week, isn’t even over yet! 

There was Birthday Celebrations. Fun moments. and Drama. 

So let me start off with the good stuff. Whenever I’m around my friends, I always have a great time. Cause I can be myself around these people and that’s why I don’t use the term, “friend” lightly. There’s a clear difference, between classmates, schoolmates and friends when it comes to me. 

Firstly, we celebrated Azfar’s birthday on Wednesday(26 June). He is one of my closest friends from secondary school. It was fun catching up after a few weeks with him & Rosydi(another close friend from secondary school). And there were tons of funny moments, that made me laugh till my stomach ached. We had a Sushi Buffet at Shabu Sushi(NEX). The food was average but worth what the money. But back to the main point, it was really fun & I don’t think it could have worked out any better. (Oh wait, maybe the reason for my stomach aching was cause it was bloated from all the food)

Secondly, I met up with Gina, who is another one of my closest friends from secondary school, yesterday(27 June). Having not seen each other in months, we caught each other up on our lives. We literally walked around a lot. It was nice hearing her take on certain things. Then after being mean to her the entire time, I gave her, her birthday present(18 June) and then I had to go. 

Then, today(28 June), we celebrated the birthday of one of the people I’m closest to in class. Huszainy! It was fun planning the whole “surprise” with Shafna, Dalene & Alicia. We also celebrated another classmate’s birthday. And that would be Shantel’s. Her birthday, was last week during the holidays so yeah. We had a delicious chocolate cake and ended it with a polaroid-taking session. 

Throughout the week there were many funny moments in class. But then, it wasn’t really fun getting back a test you didn’t do too well in. 62/100. I’d complain about how we didn’t get enough practice. Or about how we weren’t taught of the structure and format for the answers. But there were people who did really well. So, I’ll be in the minority on that one. 

You’ve got no idea how much drama can come up in a week! 

First, came some project work drama. One of my group members felt that the other was a, “Free-Loader” and although I try not to take sides, I think it had to be said sooner or later. Whether or not it was right, it was gonna come out eventually. Might as well we get it all out and continue to work together peacefully after that right? I just sat there awkwardly. But things got resolved. Or at least that’s what I think. 

There was another part to the drama this week but then it really isn’t any of my business so I rather not talk about it here. But would you really have expected drama in the first week already? It surprised me, honestly. 

But Hey! My Saturday just started as I’m typing out this blog post. So I’m gonna try to enjoy the weekend although I have quite a lot on my mind. Mostly school work. #Sigh 



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