World War Z Review


Time for another movie review! Like all my other reviews, there will be no spoilers so if you plan on watching it, I wouldn’t have ruined it for you.

I had no plans of watching this movie till yesterday. And it wasn’t even my plan but a friend’s. So I dreaded it. And getting 2nd row seats(from the front) only added to the negative points. But, I totally don’t regret watching the movie at all! It was really good and has left me in a mood to play some zombie games.(might go get Left4Dead or Dead Island soon)

The Plot: It’s basically about a zombie apocalypse and finding out how it started and how to cure the people with the virus and protect those who are at risk. That’s why, it’s World War Z. The, “Z” stands for zombies, I guess.(Took me sometime to figure it out) So in the movie, Gerry Lane(Brad Pitt) who is a former United Nations employee is tasked with finding out the roots of the outbreak.

The Cast: It wasn’t an all-star cast but I think the actors & actresses fit their roles well. Brad Pitt, totally worked his role. And the zombies too! They didn’t necessarily make me jump out of my seat but there were quite a few people who did.

The Characters: I don’t have an issue with the cast but I do have an issue with the characters. I would have loved to have seen Gerry’s family(Wife & two daughters) get involved in the zombie fighting instead of just hiding. Or at least, give the dude some allies. He did have some allies but they weren’t consistent. It kept changing although(in my opinion) his allies closer to the end of the movie were great and I wish they had a bigger role in the movie.

The End: It wasn’t the best ending but I could tell that they were setting it up for a sequel. And having checked, there are plans for a sequel! So I can’t really complain cause all the questions that were left unanswered hopefully will be answered in the next movie. And if the ending was any longer, it would have been too draggy. They ended the movie after a certain revelation which was interesting to say the least. But, the ending surely has left me excited for the next movie. I want to see how everything else gets resolved.

My Rating: 7/10 

I’m giving it a 7 cause I’m not a fan of such movies and I’d rather watch my comedies but it was awesome. So, the rating is something that’s close to the highest rating I’d give to a movie of that genre.

So that’s all I’ve got to say about World War Z! Do you feel like watching it? Give it a shot!



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