5 Things that Reality TV has taught me Pt. 1


I’ve been a fan of reality TV for a little less than a decade (from what I remember). And being one of the only reality TV fans in my family, I try to find reasons to watch them. But every time I Google for reasons, I only get the negatives of reality TV and how they impact the world in a bad way. So, I decided that maybe it’s time I come up with a list of the good things, reality TV has taught me. Here we go…

#1.  Always stand up for yourself


The truth is, if you don’t stand up for yourself, who will? This is one of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt from reality TV. Back in primary school and the early years of secondary school, I just let people say what they wanted to say to me. I was pretty reserved (not that I’m completely wild now, it depends on the situation) and just kept to my group of friends. No drama involving me. Everything was “fine”. Not.

I basically let people run all over me and in some ways, let them bully me.

So when I found out the importance of standing up for myself, I started speaking my mind. The best way I knew how.  That is, both to the face and behind people’s backs depending on the person. And it didn’t really keep me out of trouble nor did it stop the insensitive or rude comments. But it felt good to show that if you’re going to mess with me, I will fight back. I can’t exactly remember what rebuttals I had, but I remember quite a few moments where I felt pleased with the replies I had come up with.

But Hey, let’s forget primary and secondary school for a moment. As of late, I’ve been standing up for myself in more than just a few occasions. And I have to thank reality TV for teaching me that valuable lesson.

#2.  Form your own opinions


This one is about trusting the he-says, she-says that comes out of some people’s mouth. In other words, gossip. Basically, don’t rely to much on the gossip or other people’s take on things cause at the end of the day; you need to form your own opinions.

This is really important especially in environments where there are different cliques, groups or rivalries. I was placed in positions where I had to form a lot of my own opinions in Secondary school but I didn’t always form them myself. I listened to what others had to say. (But I don’t regret it cause majority of the people in my secondary school were asses and I wouldn’t have missed out on any valuable friendships)

With that being said, I’m glad that I’ve been forming my own opinions.

With an open mind and time, you’ll get to know the person or subject a lot better than if you take short-cuts by listening to what others have to say. I’m not saying what others tell you is false. But unless you’ve seen or heard it then don’t jump to any conclusions. Don’t be forced into having the popular opinion cause it isn’t always going to be what’s right.

#3: Drama makes life interesting


We may all be different, but we all have our fair share of problems. Be it, financial problems, family drama, relationship troubles or whatever else you can think of. These are all issues that everyone faces. And yes, it’s not just you. So although you may think you’re having the worst day of your life, there is going to be someone out there having it far worse than you do. So remember to keep that in mind. That was the first point I wanted to make.

Secondly, would you really want a picture perfect, boring life? One where you know what’s going to happen every single time or at least know nothing bad is ever going to happen? A life where your only emotions are happiness and joy? Well if I haven’t already got you thinking if you would really want such a life, then I don’t know what else I can add to get you thinking.

Cause honestly, these troubles, insecurities, problems and issues are what make our lives interesting. Not for other people to gossip about, but for ourselves.

Let me put it this way. In life we have our ups and downs like a roller coaster. Sometimes we are happy, sometimes we are sad. But if everything were perfect, it would just be a boring ride going only straight (without ups and downs) and you’ll eventually get tired of it. Right?

So reality TV has taught me that a big part of our lives is all the drama and problems we go through. It’s about putting us through all this crap and seeing how we deal with it. Will we break under pressure or will we come out on top? We can only find out on the next episode. *wink*

So those are the first 3 lessons that reality TV has taught me. If I continue on now, this would be a one really long post and so I’ll post my final 2 lessons another day.



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