5 Things reality TV has taught me Pt. 2

Just in case you missed the first part, here’s the link below. I mentioned three lessons I’ve learnt. To always stand up for myself, form my own opinions & that drama makes life interesting.


So shall we get to the next two lessons? Let’s go!

#4: Choose your friends wisely


(To all the Jersey Shore or Snooki haters, I just used this picture cause I felt these two were the perfect for each other when it comes to being best friends)

One of the biggest constant factors of reality TV is the backstabbing and gossiping. Often these backstabbing happens amongst a group of friends or in some competitive shows, alliances. I get that in the real world, you don’t have US$100,000 prize money to make you behave like an ass and do dishonourable things. But I guess in the real world, the prize money or prize would be our goals.

People go out of their ways to accomplish their goals sometimes. And this starts from the early stages of high school. There have been quite a few occasions where I’ve been used by my classmates to help them with their work and many occasions where I’ve been there to support or encourage friends when they’re down. But when they don’t need you, they’ll cut you out of their lives.

This is why I don’t use the term ‘friend’ lightly in school. To me, a friend is someone that understands you even if they are not in the same wavelength and can tolerate your bullish*t. They shouldn’t see your problems as jokes and should always have your back.(I do have more conditions but this isn’t the post to state them all) That’s why I guess after learning this valuable lesson from reality TV, a few years ago in English class, I came up with this cause I was able to relate to it.

“True friends are rare as many of them don’t care. So do be wise and don’t take it like a game of dice.”

So reality TV definitely taught me that people who are nice to your face may not always be the saying great things about you behind your back. And as soon as I was able to see this happening in my life, I started being cautious of how often or freely I use the word, ‘friend’.

#5: Personality isn’t everything but you sure need it to survive


As much as education is important in our lives for us to succeed, our personalities are just as important too. You can be the smartest person in the world, but if you don’t have a likeable personality(or a personality at all), no one is going to want to talk to you. Cause the word, ‘Boring’ is written all over you. So your schoolmates, classmates, colleagues and whoever else you can think of, aren’t really going to enjoy talking to you.(Unfortunately, for you)

Reality TV taught me this cause take a look at most of the people on reality shows. They have personalities! Some liked by the viewers, others hated. But that’s the point. These people’s personalities are pretty much what makes the show. The way they act depends on their personalities(in my opinion). So different personalities may clash and that’s the main attraction isn’t it? But if you’re going to be boring then get off my screen.

Similarly, in the real world, I think it’s really hard to communicate with people who don’t have personalities and so if you’re a boring person, I don’t really want to spend time with you.

So these two lessons wrap up the five things that reality TV has taught me! There are a lot more mini-lessons that I’ve learnt but these would be the main few. To all the people hating on reality TV, STOP. Just cause these people have their lives taped and are famous, don’t be jealous alright.



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