What a HECTIC Week


This past week must be one of the most tiring and stressful weeks of school, so far. All the projects piling up would be the main reason. But dealing with my parents this past week hasn’t been too easy either.

In school, there was some work to do for every module. 2/3 of my modules had projects or assignments to be completed.

Monday, my group met early to add finishing touches to our project and to practice our presentation. But we didn’t get enough time to rehearse so it was just adding finishing touches. Then I nearly had a phone losing experience. I went into panic mode but thank god, my phone was with my group mate. I believe she thought I was angry but I was actually thankful and relieved. In class, we celebrated two classmate’s birthdays. And it was pretty noisy to focus on another project. This project my teammates were Jamie, Shafna & Shantel. The ideas we had come up with over the weekend were pretty much shot down and so we had to start from scratch.

Back home, I came home to see a few books I bought from the book fair the day before on my table just lying there. It annoyed me cause it’s not like I have that much time and I swear some of those books were meant for both my mother and I to read. So it set me off in a bad mood and I wasn’t too great at holding back. Then my Mum got angry with me cause I was in a pissy mood. And I felt bad a few hours later and apologized. Things weren’t looking too good for me.

Tuesday, it was presentation day! Of course, my group met half an hour earlier. We didn’t really do much other than to run through the presentation a few minutes before class started. It was intimidating seeing the props of all the other groups and we started off the class on the wrong foot by printing our story in the wrong format.(we didn’t have double spacing, BIG DEAL) But our teacher told us there was nothing we could do and that she’ll deduct a few marks for it. Not going to complain cause it was our fault. My group presented second. And it went well. As usual, everyone else in my group got complimented except for me. But I just told myself to get over it cause I didn’t get any negative feedback either. After all the groups presented, it was hard to tell which stories were the best. Only 4 out of 5 presentations(including my group’s) went well if you ask me. And it was kind of annoying how at times the wrong things got complimented for. Before leaving class after it ended, my group had to clean up the fabulous-ness we left behind.(glitter from one of our “props”) And my silohuette got sprayed(by water) on to one of the walls. It was kinda fun, to be honest.

I didn’t just go home then though. Why would I? Hus, Shafna and I took a bus to town to have lunch and catch a movie. We also played darts while there. Thankfully I won one game out of 3. Despicable Me 2 was the movie. And you can read my review here:


Wednesday, it was my SHOW & TELL day! I got the email just a day before and only read it at 6pm after I returned from the movie. I quickly finished up my slides and did the best I could to make them pretty. But when it was time, the fonts were not viewable on my teacher’s laptop. So the beauty effect was kinda gone. I called my SHOW & TELL, “15 Minutes of Awesomness with Aravind”. I have been planning it for quite some time. Just shared with my class, my favourite music, tv shows and hobbies. However, this was also the day I found out about a little something that changed my perspective of people in my class. There’s just so much badmouthing going on, it’s like I have to be really careful what I say around who. It did piss me off though, what I heard cause the person got their facts wrong. #Whatevs

Once I got home, I decided to go for a run cause Chels & MinYi got me in the mood. I was pretty happy with my time though it was no where near the passing time for 2.4km.

Thursday, classes were pretty boring. But I had fun during my break. We played the Game of Life without clear knowledge of the rules. I think I won cause I retired first but none of us were too sure. Back at home, I went on call with one of my project groups(the one where our story got shot down). By now we had a new story and thank god, we had started writing it out. Took a few hours but by the end of the day(around 11pm), we had completed the story and overshot the word limit. We still sent the draft to our teacher for feedback.

Friday, TGIF right? Classes were alright. Not too great. Used my break to study for a mock test. And the mock test was kinda pointless cause we didn’t know how the marks were counted if we got a part of the question wrong. But still it was good practice. Will have to start studying for the actual test tomorrow since it’s scheduled to be held on the coming Wednesday.

Today, I’ve been waiting for the weekend all week. But I woke up to find that one of the on-again-off-again leaks(in the living room), which my Mother had told my Dad about had gotten a lot worst. But my Dad had to go to work. So my Mum couldn’t do anything other than to call for a contractor who was busy and could only make it in the afternoon. So we turned the water supply off so it would stop leaking. And then when my Dad got back instead of dealing with the issue, there was an argument and my Mum left to go to my Aunt’s, leaving me and my Dad home. Everything was fine till the contractors came and my Dad ruined my mood by saying some things and complaining about pointless stuff. It wasn’t easy. I just wanted to enjoy my weekend and realx but it wasn’t going to be that easy. Sigh. I felt pretty depressed and decided to go for a run. Once the contractors left like 3 hours later and the water supply was back, I had a pretty refreshing shower. And everything is normal, for now. I repeat, for now.

Till something sets me off again,


P.S: My teacher replied to our first draft. He said it was pretty good. But does that mean it has potential for an A or a B? Hoping it’s an A of course.


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