So little time, so much to do


Haven’t really had the time to blog recently cause the projects have been piling up. Not complaining cause it is part of school and all but… #Damn 

Anyway, I think that most of my projects are going in the right direction. I can only hope that all the hard work my group members and I put into our work will pay off. But of course there are those projects that aren’t really going that well. And if I don’t direct or ask for something to be done, I honestly don’t think they would even bother. But I need my A, so if these people are going to be slacking while I do all the work, it’s fine by me but I will bitch out on them when I have to.  

And this sudden increase in work to be done has definitely slowed down the completion of my to-watch list. There are about 30 shows on there(not kidding, wish I was though) and I could only take it a few shows at a time. But now I’m like taking one episode of one show in one day. #OhGod 

It’s kinda stressful but I really don’t know who I can vent to. My close friends in class are going through the same thing, so it’ll be a little pointless. If I complain to my other close friends, they have had it way more stressful from the get-go, when the only homework I had was to watch TV Shows. So that wouldn’t work well either. So I’ve been using music to cool me down when I’m stressed out. It would still be nice to have someone to just cry to till you feel better.(Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but you get the picture)  

With my birthday coming up in 2 weeks, I honestly hope I’ll be able to enjoy the day instead of worrying about a hundred and one things to be done for all the assignments and projects. But with dinner plans on my birthday with some people I don’t really feel like I can be myself around, I’m not so sure how great that day will go. Here’s to hoping for the best. 



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