Relaxing weekend ahead?(Hopefully)


This past week has been pretty intense.

2 presentations & 1 project that’s bringing out the b*tch in me and other people.

The presentations went well. At least, I know one of them did. For, ‘Heroes, Myths & Legends’, my group decided to put up a skit. I finally got to use my british accent and no one told me it was bad. So I guess that’s good. For, ‘Writing Across Media Platforms’, I was pretty confident that our content was good enough for us to get an A. But I don’t know. After all the groups presented, each group received a positive and negative comment from our teacher. And my group’s negative seemed like the biggest one of all. That kinda makes me skeptical. However, part of me still knows that we did good and that our hard work would pay off. 


The General Education project has been getting all my classmates worked up lately. Maybe if the other half of our groups(Students from another course), actually did some work, it wouldn’t be that bad. As for my group, I feel like my share of work load is never ending. Part of me wants to be like, “I’ve done 70% of this project so please do the rest,” but I know that’s not going to get anything accomplished. So I’m going to do my part regardless of how huge my portion is cause I need my A after not doing so well in the first test. 

So after yet another stressful week, I’m looking forward to spending my weekend the best way I know how. I will spend time reading, writing, working, eating, sleeping and definitely catching up on my favourite TV Shows. If there’s time, I’ll probably add in a movie.(Or two) Not going to go out or anything. I need my alone time at home. 

So till next time, 



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