Identity Thief Review


When I first heard of this movie I thought it was Jason Bateman dressing up as a woman and stealing someone else’s identity but after watching the trailer I figured that I was way off.

So here’s my review of the movie after watching it. There will be NO SPOILERS so not to worry.

The Plot: Basically Sandy Patterson(Jason Bateman) has his identity stolen by a woman(Melissa McCarthy) and this woman is basically able to charge payments to his credit card and when he realises this, he decides to hunt her down. His job was at stake as some drugs were purchased with his card and he’s told that he missed a court date as well. All this thanks to the woman who stole his identity. So the movie is about how he catches her and brings her back to his town to clear his name and their adventures along the way.

The Cast: The two main characters fit their role as always. Jason Bateman especially. But I feel like Melissa McCarthy’s role as Diana, could have been played by someone else. Not that she didn’t fit the part but I think someone like Rebel Wilson could have replaced her and done either an equally good or better job. As for the rest of the cast, I guess they fit their roles but I can’t be too sure cause we didn’t get to see much of them.

The Characters: I loved the characters! The story made me care for them both at different points. Diana with her past & Sandy with his family and job at stake. But when it comes to the villains, I didn’t really like how they came out of nowhere and every now and then. They seemed out of place if you ask me. It’s like these two are working for someone else to catch Diana and there’s another person trying to hunt down Diana as well. It was messy. In a way it was like Rat Race.(Which is an amazing movie) But it didn’t work well for this movie.

The End: I believe that they wrapped up the story well. It was simple & sweet. Don’t think they can have a sequel though. But I wouldn’t be upset if they don’t cause it ended well and adding anything else might just ruin it. So, I sure am glad with where they ended it.

My Rating: 7/10

Bonus Question: Would I watch the movie again?

YES! Definitely. I actually feel like watching it again right now. But it’s too soon. Maybe in a few months.

So do you feel like watching the movie? If you do, you should.



2 thoughts on “Identity Thief Review

  1. It’s just so terribly uneven at times that it’s hard to really watch and go along with. There are scenes that are full of stuff that’s comedic and goofy, but then like a minute later, the scene switches to emotional and it doesn’t flow well at all. Good review.

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