Today, the 2nd of August was my birthday and I had a blast! 
I pretty much spent the whole day out. And knowing that, I pre-planned my outfit for today. My favourite t-shirt with the British flag on it and my signature(?) bright blue skinny jeans. I was aware not everyone was going to know it was my birthday cause I didn’t feel the need to publicise my excitement for my birthday on social media, the way some people do.
I was excited and nervous the whole day. Unsure of what to expect and excited to see who remembered and who didn’t. Who actually will wish me a happy birthday and who wouldn’t bother.(Even after singing a birthday song) It’s kinda basic manners but it’s understood that not everyone has manners to begin with. So it’s fine by me. 
After class ended, my classmates had a celebration and this is where the only regret of the day comes in. The cake was meant for me and another friend whose birthday falls on the 4th of August. But I blew all the candles out cause I was told “Blow the candles together,” and I was thinking, Oh blow all the candles together, one shot. And so I did. Looking back, I feel stupid to have interpreted it that way. It obviously meant that the two of us were supposed to blow the candles together. I just wasn’t thinking in that moment. It sure was funny though. 
Anyway after that cake cutting & eating, I was presented with my gifts. I swear it’s not all about the gifts but I’m still just like a kid. I get really excited for christmas and birthday presents. And I honestly, #LOVE every single gift I got. It just goes to show, how well everyone knows me cause they all seemed perfect. We also had a few polaroids taken and I’m glad the polaroids turned out well and I got to keep the ones I liked.
After the celebration, the journey home was full of laughs. Before going home though, I met two of my best friends from secondary school for dinner. It was their treat at PizzaHut. The food was great. The conversations were awesome and funny with a fair share of jokes. We also visited the arcade for a few rounds of skee ball, basketball and air hockey. Then we had some desert before going home. 
Once I got home, I opened up the gifts and read some cards which made me emotional. Maybe I get emotional very easily but some lines just triggered those emotions. Whether I cried tears of joy, I’ll leave it up to you to guess.
(Side note: It got me thinking. It’s just if I already feel so close to some of these people now, how much closer are we going to be before we graduate?)
It’s honestly the most loved I’ve ever felt over the years and I owe it all to my friends & family. #BestBirthdayEver and I totally mean it! 

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