Kick-Ass Review


With the sequel coming up soon, I decided to check out the first movie. It was not what I expected it to be. I expected a movie about wannabe superheroes who find other ways of defeating their opponents as opposed to special powers and weapons. I also expected humour in watching them deal with the various situations

After watching the movie, I had to check if the movie was an action-comedy or just a action movie, just in case I misjudged from the poster and title. In other words, I was pretty disappointed.

The Plot: The story of an average teenager who becomes a superhero(with no powers, just the suit & weapons) named, ‘Kick-Ass’ to fight crime and evil. Along the way he has villains coming after him and he finds allies in the form of other superheroes, ‘Hit-Girl’ & ‘Big Daddy’. A plot that gets you interested in watching from the start.

The Cast: May not be an all-star cast but the cast fit their roles well. They had Nicolas Cage play, ‘Big Daddy’. I’ll be honest, it took me sometime to realise it was him. Aaron Taylor-Johnson who plays ‘Kick-Ass’ acted really well in my opinion.

The Characters: ‘Kick-Ass’, ‘Big Daddy’ and ‘Red Mist’ were good characters but ‘Hit-Girl’? She’s 11 years old. I’m pretty sure she’s popular for her ‘badass’ role but it just didn’t sit well with me. They could have kept her character but not made her one of the heroes. At least not in this movie. An 11 year-old swearing and killing people was just too crazy for me. Yes, it’s just a movie. But if they thought having the character of ‘Hit-Girl’ would add humour, well I think they’re wrong. I’m sure people will disagree but it’s just my opinion. I also felt as though ‘Red Mist’ came into the movie pretty late. I didn’t like the character but I guess it’s okay since he is supposed to be the villain.

The End: I felt that the climatic final showdown bit of the ending was just… stupid. You either make it a serious showdown or make it funny. In my opinion, they mixed the two and were not consistent and thereby it led to a ‘stupid’ end to the showdown. After the final showdown, everything that happened seemed appropriate. So I do like how they wrapped up the story in the end.

My Rating: 5.5/10

For a action-comedy movie, I think it didn’t have enough comedic bits. Sometimes, the story turned into this dark theme with a serious ‘feel’, if I’m not wrong and I don’t think that superhero movies are this dark. At least from those I’ve watched. Also, the blood during the fights was too much. It added to the reasons why I feel the movie often had a dark theme. But I also understand that it’s a M18 movie for a reason.

Now don’t get me wrong. Overall, I liked the idea of the movie. It’s just certain portions of it that I didn’t enjoy. I wished it was funnier and not as serious as it was. I’d still watch it for the fight scenes if I was in the mood for a action movie.

Bonus Question: Would I watch the sequel?

I will be watching the sequel just to see how the story continues. The story was interesting, but the bloody fight scenes and swearing got on my nerves sometimes. In addition, Jim Carrey is in the sequel. How can I miss it?

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