R.I.P.D Review


When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I thought it was pretty interesting. But I didn’t follow up by reading up on what it really was about. So, it was on my list of movies to watch but not anywhere near the top. However, my friends watched the movie today and although I refused at first, I gave in.

I do think that the movie is disappointing. Maybe I expected a lot more or something entirely different. Anyway, here is my review which does not contain any spoilers.

The Plot: Basically two police officers found gold during one of their drug busts. They shared the gold but one of the two police officers, Nick Walker(Ryan Reynolds) felt that he should return the gold. (Guilty conscience, I guess?) Bobby Hayes(Kevin Bacon), Nick’s partner disagrees with him and during one of their warehouse raids, he takes the opportunity to shoot Nick so that he can keep all the gold for himself. Nick then dies and is transported to this special place where his becomes part of the ‘Rest In Peace Department, an agency that recruits deceased police officers to patrol the afterlife and capture “Deados”, spirits that failed to cross over and return to Earth as monstrous ghosts.’ He meets his partner, Roy Pulsipher, a ‘badass’ ex-U.S Marshal from the 1800s. The movie is shows how the two of them work together while Nick adjusts to realising that he is dead and won’t be able to communicate with his wife, Julia. The movie picks up some heat when they realise one of the ‘Deados’ they had hunted down was hiding gold. Something fishy is going on.

The Cast: Not really entirely crazy about any of the cast mates. They did suit their roles but don’t think anyone really stood out. It’s not like the nailed the role cause I can picture other people in their roles. However, it was nice to see Ryan Reynolds in a movie after some time. The first movie I watched starring him was School of Life from back in 2005.

The Characters: I liked the dynamic between Roy and Nick. However in a way, although they clashed, I think they were too similar in a way. A bigger contrast would have been better. Bobby was a good character too. However I wish that there was more background to the ‘Deados’ that were featured closer to the end in helping the villain in the movie. There are many of them and so I understand if you can’t focus on all. But instead of having a different one every few scenes, they could have just stuck to two or three and have made them the villain’s main minions.

The End: I didn’t really like the ending of the climax. It seemed too easy and the whole climax was kind of predictable that there wasn’t really any twist that made it interesting. It seemed too easy. However, I think that the overall ending of the movie after the climax was nice. It wrapped everything up nicely and although the ending of the climax could have been better. The movie wasn’t that great but I think they could potentially have a sequel with how they ended things.

My Rating: 5.5/10

There were fairly entertaining comedic scenes but for me, the movie tried to add too much in all the wrong places that the important parts like the climax came up short. There is the gold and then the silver items. There were way too many monsters(Deados) being featured as well.The monsters in the movie were unrealistic. I get that it’s just a movie but they could have made the bigger monsters move slower and not have given them increasingly high stamina and athletic skills to walk on the side of buildings,etc.

If you liked Men in Black, I guess this is a movie you’d enjoy. But I wouldn’t really recommend it otherwise.



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