The Conjuring Review


The Conjuring was the first horror movie that I watched at the cinema about two weeks back and it did not disappoint! I do admit that I was really scared and reluctant to watch the movie but the thrill of whether it was going to be that scary(and my friends) had me watching it. I didn’t even watch the trailer but I read somewhere that it was about a haunted house and I was like, ‘Ooo.. Interesting. So here is my review without any spoilers. This review is way overdue but anyway, here it is!

The Story: It’s about Carolyn and Roger Perron, a couple with five children who move into an old and decaying farmhouse which turns out to be haunted. #Shocker. After witnessing several peculiar events, they seek out the help of two well-known paranormal investigators, the Warrens. After all, their children’s safety is on the line, right? The movie is about the process of investigating and discovering the reasons for the paranormal occurrences in the farmhouse as well as the history of the former residers of the farmhouse.

The Cast: Everyone nailed their roles! I must say, I loved the people who played The Warrens. Vera Famiga who played Lorraine Warren and Patrick Wilson who played Ed Warren, were amazing as a couple! Patrick Wilson also looked good with those sideburns.

The Characters: The cast might have been amazing but I do have some issues with the characters. Firstly, five daughters? I know it’s based off a true story but couldn’t they have tweaked it a little and made it like two or three? I mean, it wouldn’t make the biggest difference. But it still would make it simpler, right? And then the sidekicks to The Warrens, Brad and Drew. I felt they came in too late and out of no where. Brad who was played by John Brotherton helped provide comic relief. I understand that giving him more screen time would mean more comedy and it might reduce the scare factor of the movie. But at least bring him into the movie smoothly. (It could be that I just missed the proper introduction so maybe it’s just me) Lastly, the Warrens daughter was also shown in the movie and I was like… What? It was unnecessary and the only part which involved her to move the story forward was unnecessary too.

The End:  I loved the ending! The climax was intense and there was a smooth transition into the ending. I wasn’t thinking they would do a sequel but I was wrong. There are plans for a sequel! So I am very excited!

Scare Factor: 7/10

I think it had a fair share of unexpectedly scary moments. But I don’t really have anything to compare it to since the only other horror movie I remember watching is, Child’s Play.

My Rating: 8.5/10

This movie might just be what makes me a fan of horror movies. I never really hated horror movies. I just didn’t see what was so great about them. But now that I have, I will be checking out all the horror movies I’ve missed out on over the years. Any suggestions?

I would totally recommend it to anyone. If you are too scared then just go with friends who swear and make you laugh throughout the movie. It’s still really enjoyable.



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  1. oh yeah. nice review

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