The Smurfs 2 Review


Last weekend I watched The Smurfs 2! I was really excited and looking forward to it since the first one was great and who doesn’t love the Smurfs?(I’m sure there are some but that’s besides the point).  This sequel was just as good or maybe even better but there are some issues I have with the story. So here’s my review without any spoilers.

The Story: The story continues from where it left of. This time, it revolves around Smurfette’s history of once being the evil creation of Gargamel, (an evil wizard who always wants to capture the Smurfs who after the events of the first movie is now a star attraction) and how she got adopted by the Smurfs after Papa Smurf turned her blue with a recipe.

So after the Smurfs hide their plans to throw her a birthday party, she wonders if she really belongs to the Smurf Village. Afterall, her father is Gargamel, right? So while she’s alone, she gets lured and abducted by Vexy, one of the two of Gargamel’s own creations, “The Naughties”(The other being Hackus).

So, Papa Smurf rallies his own group of Smurfs to go on the rescue mission while Gargamel constantly pressures Smurfette to give him the recipe that Papa Smurf used to turn her into blue so that he can turn his Naughties into Smurfs as well.

Meanwhile, Patrick Winslow(Neil Patrick Harris) has to deal with accepting his step-father being around.

The Cast: The Smurfs were voiced so perfectly! I love Katy Perry so I have no issue with her voicing Smurfette. Although sometimes Smurfette sounded a lot older. And some of the Smurfs with minor roles were voiced by Mario Lopez, Shaquille O’Neil,  Jimmy Kimmel & Kenan Thompson, just to name a few. And with Neil Patrick Harris & Jayma Mayes playing important characters in the movie, I think it’s safe to say they had an All-Star Cast.

The Characters:The story continues from where it left of. : I LOVE VANITY SMURF. He is hilarious! And Grouchy Smurf added a lot of comic relief when he tried not to be as grouchy.  As for Clumsy Smurf, I guess his innocence was a nice addition to shape the dynamic of the RESCUE SMURFETTE Team. Gargamel’s Cat, Azrael was awesome too. As for the newbies Hackus and Vexy, I wish there was more of a backstory like when they were created cause I felt as though they were just thrown into the story. Hackus was really cute while Vexy could have been sassier. Honestly, all the characters are so loveable so there isn’t much for me to add here.

The End: This is my main issue with the movie. I feel like The Smurfs and Alvin and the Chipmunks are following the same structure for their story behind each sequel.

First Movie: Introduce the main characters.

Second Movie: Introduce a few new characters who oppose the main characters. Make them friends in the end.

Third Movie: Show the adventures of both the original and newly added characters.

So yeah, I wished there was a better ending. It was predictable. But I guess they wanted to keep the happy ending which in this case was predictable from before the movie even started. #Sigh. There is definitely going to be another sequel if you ask me. I will be surprised if there isn’t.

My Rating: 8/10

I would give it a 7 if not for the amazing set of characters this time around. The overall movie was really great but it’s just the ending being predictable that I had an issue with. This sequel was much better than the first movie which is pretty rare cause usually the sequels are not as good as the first ones. I’d totally recommend anyone to watch it. I had fun watching it and there was quite a number of funny moments thank to Vanity Smurf.

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