Long break (Where’s the cake?)


The only thing that stands in my way of a six-week long break is just another written test this coming Wednesday. And then it’ll be six weeks of doing nothing and chilling. SIX WEEKS. Right now it seems like a long time but as always, it’ll be over before I know it.

So the whole ‘Where’s the cake?’ part of the title is basically there because,

1. I think everyone needs to celebrate getting through their first semester at a new school (If applicable) and/or getting through two-third of the year(definitely applicable). Before we know it, it’ll be Christmas and then 2014! #YAY. Anyway, so once I’m done with my final written test, I’m going to get myself a slice of cake.

2. I wanted something that rhymes with break.

I want to spend the holidays productively this time around. I mean who doesn’t? But productive to me means balancing everything that I’ve listen below.


I’ve got my eyes on a few things I want to buy. Like some new shoes(Vans maybe?) or a MIKA and/or ABBA Shirt from HMV. I also want another pair of skinny jeans and a few new tops since some of my friends are urging me to change my tendency of wearing printed tees. I can’t help it though. They look good and feel comfortable.

Movies with friends

Honestly, it’s during the holiday period that the movies being screened aren’t that appealing. It’s been a trend over the past few years, if you ask me. #FirstWorldProblems Regardless, if there is something interesting I’ll watch it either with my friends or alone. I’ve actually been wanting to watch a movie alone but there hasn’t been anything that I’ve been interested in that my friends weren’t. But the more the merrier right?

Completing at least a few of the shows on my to-watch list

Oh god. This one appears almost every weekend where I’m free. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get this accomplished over the six weeks. 90210, The Hills, Franklin & Bash, New Girl or Suburgatory are some series that are just some of the shows on the list.


I like drawing portraits. Whether I’m good or not, as long as the people around me think it’s good then that’s more than enough reassurance that I don’t completely suck. And if I don’t completely suck then I’ll keep on going. ‘Cause the rest of the world will only give credit to people they want to instead of where it’s due. When a selfie gets more likes than an art piece, there’s something wrong. Especially when the selfie is of someone average-looking. #GetReal


Slowly but surely starting to read again and it feels great. I finished the DRAMA! Series and then Struck By Lightning and the latest series I’ve completed is LA Candy. Not sure what to read next. Snooki‘s book is one of the options though.

In addition to everything that I listed above, there’s also STGCC coming up and this time, I won’t have to go alone! Oh and I’m really excited for the class chalet. So stay tuned as I keep you posted on the events of my holidays. It won’t be all that smooth. That’s for sure.




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