The Internship Review


FINALLY watched this movie and if you asked me to describe the movie in three words, I’d say heart-warming, refreshing and hilarious. It gave everything that I expected and although this is a good thing, it also means that some portions of the story were really predictable. And that is one of my issues with the movie.

Here’s my review with NO SPOILERS.

The Story: It’s about Billy McMahon(Vince Vaugh) & Nick Campbell(Owen Wilson) get laid off from their salesmen job. So now they are in pursuit of a new one. This is when Billy realises that while searching on Google for jobs, the answer had been in front of him the entire time.  Working for Google! So he signs up for the internship and convinces Nick to do the same. During the internship, the interns will be divided into various teams each mentored by someone from Google as they take part in challenges which tests them on the various skills required to work at Google. In the end, only ONE team which performs the best in all the challenges will be able to work for Google.

However, this internship programme was meant for college students. Thereby Billy & Nick are the only ones who are a lot older. They get rejected during the formation of the various teams and are left with the other rejects. A pretty girl with nerdy interests, a guy with an over-bearing mother and the “I’m cool” guy who is uptight. Their mentor himself, is insecure and tries to be ‘hip’ to hid his insecurities. In order words, they are the team of misfits. Nick & Billy also found a rival in another one of the interns, Graham who is your typical know-it-all guy who is also a complete jerk to the others. How will they survive and help their team win the job at Google when they have no computer nor technical skills?

The Cast: Loved the cast although I think that Graham(Billy & Nick’s rival) could have been played by someone else. It wasn’t bad but it could have been better played by someone else. I think that Owen Wilson & Vince Vaughn are such a perfect duo. Hope they’ll continue starring in movies together.

The Characters: The band of misfits were amazing. I was completely rooting for them from early in the movie. They each had their own story to tell, their own issues to deal with and they grow as the story progresses. However this is where I kinda had an issue. The way they grow or the main event that made them let loose and have fun was in my opinion unnecessary. At a strip club/bar? Really? And the fact that ALL of them changed there was kind of boring for me. They each could have had their own opportunity at different times of the movie to change instead of all at the same place and around the same time. Also, Nick’s love interest was so boring and expected. You know that he’s going to get the girl from the start. WHY MAKE IT SO OBVIOUS. Couldn’t it have been more subtle or maybe include a twist?

The End: The ending was heart-warming but clearly expected. They did include one twist which I really hadn’t seen coming. It’s not huge. Just a little detail which makes you think, “Oh!”. But like I said, the rest was predictable. I hope they don’t do a sequel cause I really don’t see how they can continue the movie except for the development of just one story lines between two of the characters but it couldn’t possibly make an entire movie. Regardless, I hope if they do make a sequel that it’s as good as the first one.

My Rating: 7.5/10

It could have easily gotten an 8.5 and higher but the strip club/bar scene along with the predictability of certain parts kinda made me give it a lower rating. I’d definitely watch this movie again and recommend it to anyone. Until next time,



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