The beginning of the break

So the first week out of six is about to come to an end and I’d like to believe I’ve been using my time productively thus far.

I finished the first two Cirque Du Freak books. They’re pretty interesting and for once, I don’t really have an issue reading a book about vampires. (Cause it’s not a romance novel where the vampire competes with a werewolf for the love of a girl) Although there are 12 books in total, I’m just going to finish one more and then finally get to my SNOOKI book! It’s a fictional book and I’m totally excited to read it. It’s called, “A Shore Thing”. Doesn’t is sound amazing already? I sure think so. And by the way, after I’ve finished reading the first three Cirque Du Freak books, I can watch the movie which is based off the first three books.

And then I did try drawing another portrait but unfortunately, I messed the eyes up. So I kept erasing and redrawing over and over again… Until I created a hole in the right eye. I felt really frustrated cause the hair looked fabulous and then this eye had to spoil it! I tried asking my Mum to cut out another eye that I drew and pasting on top of the hole.(If I were to cut the eye out myself, I’d have failed. I have shaky hands) Then at first she was going to help me and right before I passed the scissors to her, she told me it’s better if I redrew the whole thing. #Damn. I protested for a while but then it’s true. After all, Mum knows best right?

So I’ll be getting back to drawing in a few days or maybe even later today. And if that wasn’t enough to make me doubt my drawing skills(I wouldn’t really call them skills; I’m really not that great), I saw a portrait a friend drew and went straight into the “Wow. I suck” mood. I love seeing other portraits but they are always a constant reminder that I’m nowhere near good. As much as I tell myself that I’m drawing these cause I like to draw, sometimes I feel like I’m wasting my time.

On Tuesday, I met Shafna to make more Youtube videos. I believe she should be on a plane to India right now or yesterday. I convinced her to make video diaries so I really hope she does! 21 Days of video diaries. #TotesExcited. After that, I watched The Internship with Gina & Rosydi. It was a great movie and you can find my review here:

Other than that, I haven’t really been meeting any of my friends and classmates. But the class chalet is coming up. As excited as I am, I also feel skeptical. Hoping for a fun time but you know how you don’t always get what you want. We’ll just have to wait and see. Oh and I managed to clear two shows from my to-watch list. New Girl & Baby Daddy. Gonna miss Baby Daddy but New Girl‘s 3rd season is starting in a week or two.

So I wonder what’s in store for me over the next five weeks. I know I’ll definitely make time to have a sleepover or two with my cousins. And then another cousin’s engagement is coming up and well… Let’s just say I have no comments on that. Hmm… Then I’ve got the class chalet obviously. Hoping to organise a few outings with old and new friends. Catch a few movies and play bowling or pool. But as Julie Chen would say, Expect the Unexpected. So I’ll do a bit of that too.



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