The Chalet


Although the chalet might have started off terribly, it ended alright. I definitely learned more about people. Some things good and obviously some bad things. And the way certain people were acting did piss me off. But this was about bonding so I just didn’t say anything. However, there were people that only had their best interest in mind and acted selfishly. #Shocker ? Well, not really.

I’ll admit that it seemed like we were part of a rip-off version of A Series of Unfortunate Events at the start. (Although I haven’t watched the movie or read the books. Just guessing by the title) We spent time waiting for the cooking committee people. One of them was needed to help check us in. But even before we could think of checking in, we had difficulty finding the chalet. After walking around with conflicting directions from people, we finally found the location! When the cooking committee arrived about 10-20 minutes later, we checked in. And lastly, the chalet room was A LOT smaller than what we had thought. The pictures on the website are so misleading. I swear if I had the time, I’d send in feedback.

Next is when the biggest issue of the whole event comes in if you ask me. The cooking committee spent time buying the ingredients and cooking the food FOR US. However, there was a little issue over whether the food was for lunch or dinner. So some of the people hadn’t had lunch. (When you’re meeting at 2.30 pm, you might have wanted to eat something first) So since some people wanted to try the food, they let us try out the sushi (which was awesome). And then we were to have dinner in a few hours where we could have spaghetti, mac & cheese, hotdogs and chicken wings!

So while everyone was trying the sushi, a group of people wanted to explore the place which in my opinion, is another way of saying, ‘I need to walk with my friends so I can bitch about how everything has gone down so far.’ They found a spot near the BBQ pits and started playing some card game further excluding themselves from the class like they always did. And they were planning on leaving already but after being informed of the dinner plans, they decided to stay a little longer.

We all walked to the beach and I used a stick to spell out our class name in the sand. (I loved my handwriting in the sand) Then we all took a picture together. We started walking and crossed this bridge to another part of the beach. We were planning on playing captain’s ball. When we were about to start, that group of people who excluded themselves earlier did the same again. They were standing in a corner not wanting to play. Their hands are too precious to risk getting dirty in the sand. So about 5 of them left to do their own thing. After a few rounds, another one left too. It was the best exercise I’d had in quit some time. In the sense that I was actually having fun while exercising. We sat by the beach and threw rocks into the sea to make a wish and pass time. The wind was so strong. I loved it there.

But we started to get ready to leave after about half an hour of resting. We needed to get the food ready for the others right? But on our way back we found out that they apparently had a meal (lunch or dinner?) at McDonald’s.  Therefore, they left without eating the food the cooking committee had prepared. #WOW. Really now? Are you fragging’ kidding me? Unappreciative with a capital U. They didn’t even consider staying if some of us who stayed (to maximize the use of the damn room; we all paid for it) left. That means they were being bitter little children that the room was not what they expected. Maybe they were expecting King Sized beds and their own walk-in closet or something? And they ran off to ‘explore the place’ which is also known as finding a spot to play some card game. It’s a CLASS chalet by the way. The point is to break out of your usual cliques and mix around.

After much thinking, I’ve come to a conclusion. Thanks for leaving so that the rest of us can sleepover at the chalet but if you were going to leave, then at least leave after having dinner with the class. They didn’t even do anything as a class with us. No conversation. No games. No eating. It’s just frustrating. And I didn’t actually cook the food so I can only imagine how frustrated the cooking committee people were.

But some time after they left, we tried lifting the mood back up and we sure did. We played music and had a few rounds of charades and impersonations. Everyone was laughing and it was fun. I didn’t really like how some people got a little too drunk but I’m 100% sure it’s probably just me. So I just kept my distance till they became normal.

Everything from then on was great. Majority of us were watching, We’re the Millers but I wasn’t really in the mood. Although we were having fun, I had a lot on my mind. Some relevant to the chalet and some not. I tried talking it out by whatsapp-ing a friend but that didn’t help as much as I would have liked. But it’s probably just me again. I’m a deep-thinker and the only thing that can get me out of that deep hole of thoughts sometimes is a good song that can either make me cry or smile.

So I just distracted myself the best way I knew how, by disturbing Chelsea. As time passed, people got tired and I can proudly say I stayed up! It was my first all-nighter. In the morning, we left for breakfast and ended up stranded outside McDonald’s in the rain cause they weren’t open yet. By the way, I was walking with five zombies. And I was the only one without my head lying on the table at one point. Thank god for Candy Crush but I still wish I had brought my earpiece to breakfast.

After breakfast we headed back and started packing and cleaning up. Then before we left we had a few rounds of arcade basketball. We got the high score but we only beat the default high score. Haha.

My thoughts: In the spirit of class bonding, I did attempt speaking to people I don’t usually speak to. But how do you speak to people when they are constantly in their own conversation with their own friends? You guys can continue excluding yourselves from the majority just so you can butt heads with the others when doing a project and bitch about us to ‘your people’. Communication is a two-way thing. If you have no desire to talk to me and get to know me, then I really don’t have to get to know you either. Cause trust me you aren’t that interesting. I don’t need to know about the games you play or what level you’re at or who your favourite game character is. That’s what you’re all about right? I’m totally fine with the friends I’ve made over the past few months and I don’t need to please everyone to be happy.

The fact that people were dropping like flies was kind of scary From 21 to 19 to 18 and then 13. I can’t really complain cause the room was only meant for 5 people. But what happens the next outing if there is going to be one? Will they not want to attend?

I know that some of the things written in this post are harsh. But then again, I’m not going to hide how I feel when it comes to blogging. It’s my honest opinions, which can always change so yeah. I’m fully aware that the people that exclude themselves from the class do know of this blog and I could care less if they get offended.


P.S: I got Dalene & Chelsea watching Total Divas. I hope they continue watching the show at home. It’s pure awesomeness.


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