It’s over… For now

So picking up from where I left off, my cousin’s engagement was fine. I found myself bored for about 90% of the time. It took a really long time and initially I didn’t have anyone to talk to. But thank god for cousins.

One of my younger cousins accompanied me while the adults(to them, I’m still a child) were doing all the last minute preparations. It was very evident that there were way too many cooks in a tiny kitchen.(not literally but you should get it) So me and my cousin talked about school, Pretty Little Liars and whatever we could think of. We also made fun of people who walked past us and looked at us as though we were supposed to give them something. I blamed my vest but my cousin pointed out how people who worked there weren’t in vests. #Fact

At one point, my cousin & I were downing a large pack of M&M’s. That was our only role but i was used for labour before that! So #dontjudge. As the event started we just sat there until everything was done and over with. Then another cousin(the previously mentioned cousin’s brother) joined us. And we just disturbed each other as always.

And yes. There were tons of people I didn’t know and as much as I wished I didn’t have to talk to them, I guess it’s better that I did. I will be seeing them sooner or later. Especially since many other engagements are coming up.

I’m not excited for them at all. Especially if I have to help out in any way. That’s why I titled this blog saying that this frenzy is over for now. But it’s not long before I’ll have to experience it all again.



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