Old Friends, Same Fun


(From left to right: Me, Gina, Ganesh & Rosydi)

After weeks of trying to find a date where all of us are free,  today I finally got to meet with three close friends from secondary school. And you could’ve told from the title that indeed, I did have loads of fun. 

We were supposed to have lunch together before bowling but I ended up late. I thought the meeting time was at 2.30pm but it was actually 2pm. #Sigh. But I’m glad they didn’t mind too much. We then had lunch at McDonald’s and asked each other what we’ve been up to lately. (Well not really ‘ask’ but you get the idea) Next we left for Orchid Country Club to bowl but there was a competition going on at their alley and so there were no lanes available. So we headed to Yishun SAFRA instead where it was pretty empty! #ThankGod

I guess when you start off the game with a strike it must mean something good. Cause I ended up winning and getting the highest total score after three games! 284 points. It felt good. I expected a third or fourth, I swear. (that’s what I usually get) Still I’m no professional and so I’ll just be humble! Throughout the three games, there was lots of laughter. From clapping and cheering whenever someone got a gutter ball to surprising strikes and spares and even the usual ball jokes. It felt just like the last time we got together but even better. Maybe cause I won? *Wink*

Next up, POOL! I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t know how to play pool. My strategy when it comes to pool is taking risks by aiming any ball that I can potentially hit and hoping that it either goes into one of the pockets or it moves around and hits other balls. Just as I expected, I sucked! But I still won two games! How? Well, I just got lucky that the other player sunk the eight ball too soon or ended up with a foul by sinking the eight ball AND one of my balls. So I had my #WinningStreak of two games but Rosydi ended it shortly after. And I didn’t win my next two games. #Sigh. You got to win some and lose some, right? We cleared up after an hour and left for the final game of the evening: Table Soccer!

Let me just say I LOVE table soccer. Always have and always will. When I’m older, I’m going to buy one of those tables for my room/house and play with whoever is living with me. But until then, I’ll have to use the ones I see outside. We played four games. I won three, lost one. Gina pretty much wasn’t the best when it comes to table soccer and we all were laughing at how softly she hit the ball. 

And with that, our fun day out ended! 

Considering the fact that I was looking forward to this, my expectations were met. I had fun, we laughed and winning was an added bonus. So that’s all I have for now! Until next time…



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