The Goldbergs Review


Goldbergs300It was sometime last month that I found a gallery of pictures of the shows that were to be aired in the 2013-2014 American television season. Not many of the shows actually captured my attention. Yes, I know not to judge a book by it’s cover but with the amount of shows I have on my to-watch list, I’m fine with taking that risk.

The Goldbergs was one of the shows that stood out to me when I was going through the gallery. It’s a comedy about a family in the 80’s and that was pretty much what I liked about it. Although I expected it to be a sitcom, I still enjoyed the pilot episode and I’ll be keeping tabs on this show.

The Story: In a family of five, the youngest child, Adam Goldberg records everything that happens around his family with a video camera(which back then, very few families had). Although his family members find it annoying, the whole show is based off of these videos to which Adam narrates in the present. I think it’s really cool how the episodes will re-enact events that really happened. They even compare the actual video footage to the tv show at the end during the credits. I hope they keep it up for every episode and that it’s not just for the pilot.

The Characters: The Goldbergs consist of Murray & Beverly who are the parents. And they have three children. In order of age, Erica, Barry & Adam. Murray is a really funny character because there are always translations for the mean things he says to his children. In other words, the mean things he says to his children are often his way of saying something nice. Beverly is the typical mother who wants everything to be perfect and is very stern. However, she has no boundaries. Barry, the middle child is a little slow & blur. And after the first episode, I can’t really tell much about Erica & Adam. Beverly’s father also seems to be a secondary character who gives his grandchildren whatever they want and is a ladies man.


The First Episode & Other Comments: In this episode, the story revolves around Barry’s birthday and driving. He is old enough to drive and he his grandfather gives him, his old car, but his parents, especially his mother doesn’t want him to since he doesn’t have a license. There was also a sub-plot where the grandfather teaches Adam, how to talk to the waitress he has a crush on at one of the restaurants they visit. I thought that it entertained me enough to give it another try this week. Some parts seemed forced to make people laugh but the setting being in the 80’s is something that I’d continue watching for. I also want to learn more about Erica(as of now, she seems like a brat) and since the title of the second episode being, ‘Daddy Daughter Day’, I think I’ll get to know more about her. The series gives me a modern family kind of vibe just with lesser characters.

At the end of the day, it’s a family comedy and you can’t go wrong with a show(especially a comedy) about a family. I do hope that the show gets better over time and uses the setting in the 80’s to make it stand out from the other comedies about families. I also hope that there is proper character development as the show progresses. I would love to get to know these characters better. However, something gives me the feeling that the show will be cancelled after the first season if it doesn’t get better. But it’s one of those times that I hope I’m wrong.



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