My first (& last?) time ice skating


(From left to right: MinYi, Shafna, Huszainy, Alicia, ME & Jesleen)

Ice skating was never something I was a hundred percent excited for but I still agreed to it because a part of me did want to try it out. I don’t know how to rollerblade and the memories from primary school during a inline-skating workshop still haunt me. Alright… Fine, maybe not ‘haunt’ but you should get the idea. I remember spending the entire one and a half hours trying to get on my feet and/or move around in the corner. Meanwhile, my other schoolmates were moving around the school hall and racing against each other. Regardless, I reminded myself that, that was a little less than a decade ago. Maybe times have changed and I somehow developed a great sense of balance(and guts) to try it again. Just this time on ice!

So, I did my research on ‘ice skating tips’. ‘Spread your arms and balance’, ‘practice on the rubber mat’ and ‘bend your knees’. All the things that were easier said than done and weren’t very useful to me as I was so tense while focused on trying not to fall. I didn’t really care that much about people laughing. I cared more about getting back up and hurting myself. #Sigh. Anyway, here’s a detailed timeline of how it all went down.

The ‘Timeline’

10.44 AM – I woke up. Partly excited but more concerned that I was going to be late.

12.30+ PM – I meet my friends and of course I ended up being the last one to arrive(30+ minutes late). But what is time between friends, right?

12.40+ PM – We pay to enter, rent our ice-skates and I get mentally prepared by telling myself that, ‘It’s gonna be fine!’.

12.45 PM – The nightmare begins. I hold on to the railings for my dear life and believe that I can spend the entire time holding on to the railings and making do. Time will past, no worries.

1.05 PM – After many near-death experiences, I am still alive and realise that it’s just another hour and a half. Time wasn’t really passing by very quickly but I can do this! #Endure

The time in-between – Honestly, I can’t really remember the rest of the timings but some time before or after the first hour(of two), Huszainy and Alicia started supporting the rest of us, by holding our hands and attempting to get us newbies away from the railing. Soon this ‘Huszainy and Alicia’ became ‘my friends’ and the ‘newbies’, just became ‘me’. Well, what can I say? Not all of us were terrible at ice skating after all.

Huszainy and Alicia were pretty smooth from the get go. MinYi caught on quickly and Jesleen, although slow at first, really got the hang of it. I expected Shafna & I to be on the same boat, but there came a time when she didn’t need the railing and I kept asking her to, “SKATE BY ME, SHAFNA!” just incase I needed someone to support me when I lose my balance. In other words, she got the hang of it while me, not so much.

Huszainy and Alicia were skating around a lot, Shafna kept calm a lot, Jesleen screamed a lot, MinYi fell a lot and I was just grabbing on to Alicia & Huszainy’s wrists/hands a lot whenever they were around and trying to get me away from the railing. I’m sure Alicia would tell you that I grabbed her wrist really hard. But Hey, if you’re bringing me away from the railing and I fall, you’re coming down with me! *Evil grin*

Don’t get me wrong, I did try to get away from the railing but it just wasn’t happening. The ironic thing was I was wearing a T-shirt that said, “BElieve in YOUrself” and I was just doing the opposite. However, I was staying through to the T-shirt’s hidden message, that is to, ‘BE YOU’. I wasn’t a ice-skater and I accepted that. We soon decided that we needed a group picture taken and so we skated together to a side with a pretty backdrop, stood there and waited for someone to pass by so that they could take a picture of us, for us. (That’s how we got that picture above)

There also came a time when I was brought to the centre and left to fend for myself. And that was the scariest and most thrilling experience. One wrong move and I could’ve fell and I did make some terribly stiff moves that made me lose balance but I caught on to someone or something before I fell. So, I did not fall! #LetsCelebrate

2.35 PM – Shafna accompanies me to exit the rink before she continues to skate for the remaining ten minutes. The nightmare is over! I felt like I just survived The Hunger Games.

2.45 PM – Everyone exits the rink, we wait for the crowd to disperse and wrap up the outing with a lunch together.

In conclusion,  I don’t know what to describe the whole activity as. I didn’t find the ice skating fun at all times but ice skating with the people I did was fun. So… what do I call that? I must say that I really appreciate all my friends supporting me and attempting to get me away from the railing at various times. #TotesApreesh guys!

I don’t see myself stepping into a ice skating rink anytime soon. Like seriously, it just ain’t my cup of tea. But you never know. I might want to slip and fall one day, and the option of ice skating may be very appealing. Until that day though…

PEACE OUT (everyone for now & the ice skating rink forever)


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