Depressing Mornings & Fun Afternoons

Old people can be really vicious and I was the victim of one today. That would be my very own Grandfather. I don’t want to relieve what happened by explaining it in detail but I will say that it felt like I was fed to a wolf.

My Dad & I finally found time to visit him at my Aunt’s. I said “Hi” to him as soon as I saw him and sat next to him. After about 15 minutes of hearing everything he had to say(which mostly wasn’t nice but rather vicious and mean), I had to walk out. I never thought that walking out of a room would be something I’d do but when your buttons are pushed continuously and you’re hearing the people you love get criticised, what do you do?

However, I guess you can compare people to thermometers. Every once in a while, you will reach your boiling point but when left to cool, it’s like nothing ever happened. Just that with people, you’ve got the memories which most of the time aren’t pleasant if they got you to your boiling point. Likewise, I have no intentions of visiting him again after today. (I’m sure I will… not cause I want to but rather cause I need to or am forced to)

With that being said, I thank god I had plans to meet friends in the afternoon(time for that thermometer to cool). I had the whole bus ride to listen to music and reflect. I found some great songs while listening to music on shuffle. I met Shafna first and Dalene joined us a while later. I filled them in on my depressing morning while waiting for our food to arrive at Fish&Co.

It always feels great having friends that are willing to listen to you. I also updated them on some thing long overdue and it just felt great getting everything off my chest. At the back of my mind though, I knew I would still have to deal with the morning’s aftermath when I got home. So, I soaked the afternoon for all it was worth. And it sure was a pleasant afternoon!

At home, it was quiet. I thought of it as the calm before the storm. It won’t be long before something happened that would spark an argument between my parents over some of the things that was said in the morning. Luckily, I managed to downplay the things that were said. I didn’t like lying to my Mother. But if I was honest with her, it would be WW3 up in this household and I want to be drama-free when it comes to my family. (Hey, that rhymes!)

I think that this just shows that just when everything is going smooth, something will happen to shake things up. It’s the way the word works. We will have ups and downs. I ain’t complaining though. At least my everyday life is kept interesting enough for me to want to continue just to find out what happens #OnTheNextEpisode.

With school re-opening next week, I’m feeling… skeptical. Not about the work but it’ll take time for to settle back in with my friends and classmates. I just fear not being able to get back to the way things were cause sh*t happens and things change. Oh well…

Until the next interesting moment,


P.S: Before my depressing morning began, I heard a great song on the radio. It’s Mariah Carey’sAlways Be My Baby‘. Give it a try if you haven’t already.


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