This season on…


Anyone that knows me, should know that I’m a huge reality TV fan and so, what better way to look at my own life than as my own reality show, right? With that being said, I’m going to look at the new semester as a new season and this post is basically about what I’m expecting when it comes to school, friends and family.

I’ve been trying to get myself to write this post earlier this week but I just couldn’t get myself to without having completed the entire first week of the new semester. So, I must say although one week might be too soon to judge, I am rather skeptical about the modules this time around. However, I’m excited for three out of the six modules because we get to pitch our own shows!

Which means I could make an attempt at pitching a reality show idea after years of watching them. But since, “Reality shows won’t work in Singapore”, I shall be prepared for my ideas to get rejected. Regardless, the whole idea of being able to pitch a show is just exciting. It won’t be smooth sailing, that’s for sure but the end product should be #amazing. All the bitching, disagreeing and fighting along the way will be worth it.

And how great is it that at the end of the semester, we actually get to pitch our idea to people from the local TV industry? It’ll definitely be an interesting finale to end the first year of school and it’s a reminder to work hard and build up the idea. The other three modules well, I’m definitely worried about not being able to cope but we’ll see.

When it comes to friends, I’m not worried at all about maintaining ties with my secondary school friends. We might not meet often anymore but I just know that every time we meet, we’ll still have a blast and it’ll be as though we’ve been seeing each other everyday. Remember #OldFriendsSameFun? And to add to that, it’s not like I’ve got the largest group of friends from secondary school. I can count the number with my fingers. The ones that I consider my ‘real’ friends.

But then when it comes to my current circle of friends, I’m just a tad worried that I might be over analyzing everything. I have to stop being bitter about those little things that I notice that make me go, “Hmm…”. It’s definitely not easy cause these expectations that I have of friends have been built up over the years and it’s hard for me to just ignore them now. The school holidays were a real eye-opener due to various reasons. But, it’s probably just me being petty and unreasonable.

Next up, family. Well, nothing is going to change. It’ll always be the same ol’ same ol’. Parents bickering, cousins drifting apart and what not. I unfortunately have to accept that and act like it doesn’t bother me. But I’m definitely looking forward to going Christmas gift hunting. I usually go all-out to give better gifts than the previous year but at some point, you just can’t outdo yourself anymore and I feel like that’s the point where I’m at this year. Regardless, I’m excited to get myself a gift.

So, all this is pretty much what I’m thinking about in my head, when it comes to what I expect this semester. As we all know, nothing goes as planned and so stay tuned to see how everything plays out.



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