The Countdown to the Countdown


This blog is my reflection of the crazy and hectic month, that was November. Plenty of assignments and birthday celebrations. An engagement. New perspectives. Let’s go!

I’ll start with the normal stuff first. November has been a really stressful month and I’m not complaining although there were times where I cracked under pressure. I had to prioritise which means having to push aside all my weekly shows and finish up the work first. There has been a total of six assignments, more or less and another three due this week. (I know it’s December already but I’m just saying…)

And then we have the birthdays. There was a total of three celebrations that I was a part of. And I had fun during all of ’em. One involved ice cream, another involved chocolate cake and the last one was a Japanese food buffet. Usually, there is only one birthday celebration per month, so that’s why this was a rather odd and thus why I’m including it in this post.

Next came my cousin’s engagement. I was excited at first because all I knew was that I would be helping out at the reception table with my younger cousins. Sounds simple? But just two days before the event, I was asked if I could do a speech about my cousin. Although hesitant, I accepted. That was the beginning of my anxiety for the next two days. If it wasn’t bad enough, it was in the middle of a few of my assignments. When the day finally came, I was panicking and nervous. My younger cousins were late and I was sitting at the reception table wondering what exactly I was supposed to do. I got the hang of it eventually and my cousins helped out when they arrived. I practiced my speech in front of them and they said it was good. I can’t tell you the number of times I had to look at my cousins to get some assurance that everything will go okay. They would just be like, “relax” or “chill”. When I gave my speech though, everything went fine. After that, I just enjoyed the rest of the event and it was a fun one, overall.

The new perspectives part of this post, well, you can read my past few blogs for more on that. But basically if I were to speak figuratively, I feel like I just got brand new prescription glasses and everything seems clearer now. And what I see, is a mess and not everything is as perfect as I thought it was. It’s sad how somethings are never gonna be the same again. But it’s all good. Everything happens for a reason, right?

That was my hectic November. Probably wasn’t as crazy as yours but it was an interesting month for me. With less than a month to 2014, the countdown to the countdown, begins now! But there’s still a whole month between the start of 2014 and now. Hopefully good things are in store for me. Although, I won’t be surprised if that’s not the case.

Until next time,



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