Music Review: ARTPOP vs PRISM


If I were to refer to a recent episode of glee, this post is about reviewing both albums as well as figuring out if I am ‘a Katy or a Gaga?’. Before we start, here’s my rating system.

1 Star – Horrible. Please stop the song. #Delete

2 Stars – Hmm. Not a fan but not a hater either.

3 Stars – It’s okay. I wouldn’t mind listening to it a few more times.

4 Stars – Nice. Love the tune and rhythm.

5 Stars – Perfect. Great tune and rhythm with a message. #Repeat

Both albums are similar in the sense that they are both about love. However, PRISM is more about heartbreak and dealing with it while ARTPOP is about feeling sexual and wanting love. That’s what I think, to say the least.

First up, ARTPOP.

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 9.05.54 pm

The Pre-Show: I wasn’t really excited for this album until I got addicted to Applause. I didn’t like Applause originally either. But after hearing it on the radio a few times… things changed. When the album got released, I wasn’t too excited because I’d only listened to one single. I knew there was a song titled Venus, but it just didn’t intrigue me.

The Mood: You should be able to tell from the song titles that this album has a very sexual feel. But it’s bearable and not overdone.

My #Repeats: The four songs that I’ve given four stars to – Do What U Want, Applause, Donatella and Gypsy. They’re all addictive and I had been addicted to them each for quite some time.  Donatella is similar to The Fame from Gaga’s first album. Similar to Applause, Do What U Want turned from something I couldn’t stand, to something I got addicted to. Originally I thought that R. Kelly ruined the song but I’ve changed my opinion now. They’re all upbeat songs with the exception of Gypsy but it gets there eventually. They’re great dance tracks too.

My #Deletes: To be honest, I know that more than one song receive a one-star rating. But there is one song in particular that I really couldn’t stand. I felt like my ears were getting damaged when I first heard it. I stopped halfway and have not heard it since. Partly because I’ve got other songs to listen to but also because I’m a tad afraid. Funny isn’t it? Being scared of a song. Well it happens… My other one-star rated songs I don’t hate but I didn’t want to hear them again either.

Next we have, PRISM.

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 9.04.31 pm

The Pre-Show: It’s no shocker that Roar was the first song I’d heard. I didn’t bother listening to Dark Horse. So I wasn’t looking forward to the album. If I remember correctly, I found out the album had been released a few days after it got released.

The Mood: Majority of the songs on this album aren’t upbeat and happy. I’m not saying they’re sad. But from what I understand, it’s about dealing with a heartbreak. Now, I obviously can’t relate to that. However, the emotions of feeling disappointed or hurt by someone are pretty universal, aren’t they?

My #Repeats: This album has four songs – Roar, Ghost, Love Me and It Takes Two – that got four stars too! They all come with a message but I didn’t give them my five-star rating because I couldn’t relate to those messages entirely. Roar is about standing up for yourself which I can relate to but the tune got boring after a while. Ghost is about someone you used to be closed to. Love Me is about loving yourself the way you want to be loved. Lastly, It Takes Two is about wishing the other person would care about you just as much as you care about them.

My #Deletes: Clearly, there wasn’t a song that I couldn’t stand. Katy Perry has that effect on me. Somehow all of her songs are bearable to me. But if I had to delete something, I would choose Legendary Lovers because the title is the least appealing to me.

In Summary:

I’m a Katy! Thereby, PRISM is the better album, in my opinion. Honestly, I hadn’t come to this conclusion until I got to this point of the post. When it comes to Gaga’s songs, I love some and hate some. But there isn’t really a Katy song that I hate. I don’t really mind listening to any of her songs.

Glad I managed to figure that out tonight. Until next time,



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