Weeks flu by


What better way to end the week then with a post to look back? That’s why, I’M BACK.

As you can tell from the title of this post, I either suck at spelling or am trying out a pun. And the correct answer would be, trying out a pun. . Now, I hate when people complain about being sick on social media because most of the time, it’s for attention. But I’m just trying to document the past two weeks and me falling sick is part of it, so I have no choice.

I fell sick last Thursday. Just like all the other times I fell sick, it evolved from a sore throat to flu to me coughing, just like a pokemon. And I only started feeling better closer to the end of this past week. It felt horrible. Especially with all the assignments to be done. I was already feeling stressed and pressure. I didn’t need me feeling sick too. I apologise to my classmates if my coughing in class was annoying. I couldn’t help myself.

Ever since the second half this semester started, I haven’t really been in the ‘study’ mood. I really feel lazy and like procrastinating everything. If you know me, that’s just so not me. It’s a strange feeling and I really hope it wears off.

It’s also been two pretty emotionally exhausting weeks. From feeling like I’m not going to be able to do well this semester and feeling demotivated to feeling distant from people. Add those two and everything else that’s going on and I was close to tears on the way back from school twice, just this past week. And it’s only WEEK TWO! So, I put myself together because I realised I wasn’t living up to my New Year’s Resolution which was to be happy and not petty. #KeepTheFaith right?

In other news, I got my personal branding survey results! I was nervous yet excited to find out what my classmates thought of me. I wanted to be seen as confident, sincere and dependable. Most of the words used to describe me were nice and it was refreshing for a change. Obviously there were some that caught me off guard and others which I didn’t expect people to pick up on. Like I got one ’emotional’ and two ‘sensitive’. Didn’t think it was obvious. Oh and I also received one ‘blunt’. One of my favourite ones though has to be, ‘loveable’. Whoever wrote that, I salute you cause you made my day. And since I received the results on a Friday, you pretty much made my week.

Also this past week, hearing that it’s another five weeks to us finishing our first year, just makes me choke up. I really don’t want the next two years to be spent with me feeling down. I like the people around me and I know I won’t be able to ensure this, but I just want to enjoy my time with them while I can. Two weeks went by so quickly. Just got me thinking, you know? I know that at the end of the three years, I don’t want to look back and think, I missed out. I want to look back and be happy that I made the right choice choosing this course.

I know that the weeks are only going to pick up when it comes to levels of stress. Hopefully I’m prepared.


P.S: It’s funny the song that makes you cry can also cheer you up. Or maybe it was tears of joy? I don’t know.


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