It’s All Good


I would like to think that it’s been a good week because of the change in the decisions I’ve been making. What’s changed? Well I started spending time with people who want to spend time with me instead of those who clearly don’t need me. And in the process, I feel good about the bonds I would like to believe have been developing with my fellow classmates, most of whom I consider my friends.

From making a plan for the year-end (which had me smiling from ear to ear) to working on assignments and helping each other out, I really enjoyed myself. I just hope that they had a good time with me too and that it’s not just one-sided. Cause if that’s the case then the big ‘change’ that I made is only going to lead me back to the same situation I was in, in the first place. And what better way to end the week, then to clear my guilty conscience by celebrating one of the birthdays that my class and I had missed. All week I felt guilty as this person’s birthday was the ONLY birthday not on my list. I didn’t want her to get the wrong idea either especially since we have been celebrating everyone’s birthdays. But this helped add the surprise factor when we celebrated it today (almost a week later). So, it’s all good.

Oh and a friend returned from Korea this week. She still seems to be having withdrawal symptoms. I was just chatting with her while writing this post and she seems to still be living in Korean time. Another friend and I recorded a new video for our Youtube channel which should probably be up in two weeks. My class had two assignments due this week and now we’re just left with six assignments. SIX and we’ll be done with the first year (I feel like posting that in the class chat to encourage everyone but then I’m pretty sure I’ll be met with an awkward silence in the form of no replies so, I shall just put it up here and hope they read it). I must say, receiving one of the assignments back today was pretty discouraging. There seemed to be an issue with everything that I wrote. So, I was definitely stunned for a while. But then I realised I was crying over spilt milk (not literally) and should just focus on doing better on the next one. That’s pretty much this week, in a nutshell.

I’m fighting to stay awake as I write this post. it’s been a long day and a long week. I’m just going to cozy up in my bed and sleep. In other words, I’m going to get the rest that I think I deserve. Until next time,


P.S: Shafna, if you really thought I was going to use a picture of Niall like you asked, then joke’s on you. *wink*


2 thoughts on “It’s All Good

  1. If you ever post anything on the class whatsapp group, I will support you! So sometimes just do what you like doing – it may make some people’s day! 😉

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