Something’s Missing (But it’s okay)

Instead of saying that it’s been a pretty interesting week like I always do, I tried searching for a synonym and couldn’t find a suitable one I’ll say that it’s been different and messy. As always, school is stressful and a particular module is just driving me crazy. It’s funny how the reason my group is even working on this evolved version of a TV show concept is because people liked the original. But the original version is now out of sight and out of mind for most people but not me. I just have to keep reminding myself that I have just another six assignments left and another three more school weeks. I’ve gone through twenty-something assignments, what are just another SIX assignments, right? #WishMeLuck anyways cause I’m going to need it.Image

However, there are certain non-assignment aspects to school that are getting to me. This paragraph is what the post is titled after and it is what I’m mainly blogging for. You know, to get it out of my system? I feel like there’s something that’s been missing the past few weeks and  I kind of know what that is but it feels pointless to be upset or bothered by it. As much as I would love to have it back, I think I’m going to have to get used to not having it. Now, whatever this ‘something’ or ‘it’ is, I’ll leave it up to you to speculate. Do note that it’s not some sappy love bullsh*t.

Now, on to the highlights of the past week. Everything below is the ‘But it’s okay’ part of the title of the post. Because although something seems to be missing, I still seem to find a way to have fun. I can only remember the fun I had on Wednesday and Thursday.

Since school ended earlier on Wednesday, half the class decided to have lunch together. Nothing that special happened there. But after that, I FINALLY got to stay back just to play board games(borrowed from the school library) with my classmates. I’ve been meaning to do something of this nature ever since I found out that the school library had board and card games. We all sat around two tables and played Taboo. After we finish about a quarter of the deck, we changed the game to Furt which was a lot more fun. It’s a game that requires quick thinking and the willingness to be humiliated. My favourite part had to be the ‘Straight Faced Challenge’ which took place every time the dice showed the colour red. Whoever rolled the dice can’t laugh or smile for a minute while the other players do whatever they can to make the person laugh. It was loads of fun. I finally got to whip my hair back and forth and it wasn’t pointless. The head banging or hair whipping was successful in making people laugh, most of the time. It was also successful in giving me a headache. But oh well, it was worth it. Other times it was the sexually explicit visual descriptions or booty shaking. It was just the therapy session I needed. And surprisingly, I could be myself around everyone there too.

And… On Thursday, I met up with two of my closest friends from secondary school. The plan was to watch Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and have dinner. To be honest, the movie and dinner weren’t the best. But it was everything else that made up for it. Before the movie, we played a couple of console games. I got to try WWE 2K14 and I must mention that I won every match. The game quality was pretty good and I really want to buy it sometime during the coming holidays. But after a couple of weeks, it’ll just be lying around. And once the holidays end, I won’t have the time. I can wait till the next holidays but WWE2K15 would be out, around that time. And the cycle goes on and on. Now, back to reflecting on the day. We also played Halo which was pretty fun. Whenever I played against my older brother, I would never win. So, it was fun winning and losing instead of just losing, for a change. After the movie and dinner, we decided to walk around town which was AWESOME. It was windy and empty. I could twirl around and I did a couple of times.

That’s all I remember from this past week. I might do a Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit review if I have the time. But since it isn’t showing in cinemas anymore, I’m leaning towards not doing the review this time. Since it’s the Chinese New Year and my school has strategically placed the school holiday, the coming Monday, it’s going to be a longer weekend. I’ll have to work towards getting as much as I can done as time is of the essence. Until next time,



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