I Frankenstein Movie Review


So instead of writing a review for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit which is no longer showing in the cinemas here, I’m writing a review for a movie I watched earlier today, I Frankenstein.

The movie plans were only initiated by a friend yesterday evening and so I hadn’t really watched the trailers of either of the movies that we had narrowed down to. We only decided once we got there. It was a last minute choice between Robocop and I Frankenstein. Although I discovered that Robocop has generally better reviews from my research this morning, the next time slot was a two-hour wait away and it was already filling fast according to the screens above the ticketing counter. So, we decided to go with I Frankenstein because it seemed to interest us more and we only had to wait an hour. From the negative reviews that I had read earlier this morning, I was expecting the worst. Now having watched the movie, I would like to defend the movie as it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be although I can see the reasons why the critics gave it low ratings.

Let’s get to my review which contains NO SPOILERS.

The Story: Frankenstein’s creation (Aaron Eckhart) finds himself in the middle of a war between the gargoyles and the demons (which has been going on for ages) that could change the fate of humanity. The gargoyles attempt to get him to join their side. The gargoyle queen, Leonore (Miranda Otto) even names him ‘Adam’ and refers to him as a person instead of a thing unlike her right-hand man. However, he doesn’t feel that he belongs to either side and wanders off on his own after being given gargoyle weapons to fight the demons. 200 years later, he is still around and ends up killing a policeman in one of his battles with the demons. The gargoyles feel that he has abused the power and Leonore feels the need to punish him. Meanwhile, the demon prince, Naberius wants to capture Frankenstein (after hearing that he is alive from one of the demons that escaped the battle) so as to be able to study him and learn how to reanimate dead corpses.

Thereby, he is now back in the middle of the war and has to find a way to escape. But that’s not going to be easy when both your allies and enemies are against you.

The Cast: I honestly had no issues with the cast. Something about Aaron Eckhart playing ‘Adam’ just made the character cute and likeable. Not sure if it’s cause of the acting or just him. I think that Yvonne Strahovski nailed the role of ‘Terra’, the scientist that works for the demon prince. She’s actually really pretty and apparently she’s one of the main characters on Chuck (another show that is on my to-watch list and that I’ve yet to watch). And the role of the villain, Prince Naberius, was also played by Bill Nighy that looked evil enough and so I had no complaints.

The Characters: I’ve got quite a lot to say here. Frankenstein’s character is alright. We learn what he is after and what his goal is in the middle of the movie. However, I think that the main gargoyles didn’t have enough screen time and thereby there wasn’t enough character development for them. I know the movie isn’t about them but I personally think that they could/should have been more prominent in at least the start of the movie. Now, on to the demons who looked alright in their human form but they acted like zombies. Demons and zombies should NEVER act the same way. I think that zombies are irrational while demons are a lot smarter. It didn’t really seem like that though. I do like the demonic red eyes that they have but they can also turn into their demon form which in my opinion just looks absolutely ridiculous. There should have been a more challenging way to killing them as well. Like I said, they aren’t zombies so technically we should be able to knock them out… Right? Terra, the scientist had a great fashion sense. Loved her boots and would have loved to see her kick some ass but that didn’t happen. And lastly, Prince Naberius and Queen Leonore could have used more character development. I swear if you reduce the number of gargoyles, you have the same set-up for Power Rangers.

The End: It was anti-climatic. All the build up seemed like it was for nothing as it could have all ended a lot sooner. The only twist I see is that they didn’t exactly go with the love-story ending and I feel like the last scene was just what it should have been. They kept the title of the movie in their mind and wrapped it up nicely. I do like what Adam says at the end of the movie. However, they might have rushed the wrapping as the space between the end of the climax and resolution seems to be cramped up.

My Rating: 5.5/10

I had to compare it to R.I.P.D which I also felt had a rather anti-climatic ending. I checked my review for that and realised I gave it a 5.5. So as much as I’d like to give this movie a 6 or higher, I have to be fair. R.I.P.D was actually funny and being a fan of comedy movies, if that movie got a 5.5, there is no way this movie should be getting anything higher in my review. I enjoyed the war between the gargoyles and the demons. I wish that they hadn’t mixed Frankenstein in the war and created two separate movies. As for Frankenstein, I still think that going with what I initially thought the movie was going to be when I first saw the poster would be better. That is, a thriller were a bunch of people have to survive the wrath of Frankenstein. It might be cliche but I think it’d be better. At least they managed to make Frankenstein the hero in this one. They provided a different angle. One that I hadn’t thought of myself.

Until next time,


P.S: The whole demon part of the movie reminds me of Charmed and the eight seasons I have to watch. #Sigh


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