How I Spent My Valentine’s Day (& More)

Image(From left to right: Chelsea, Vera, Aravind, Sam, Jamie and Minyi)

So my last post was two weeks ago. You would think a lot has happened over the span of two weeks but the truth is… I don’t even remember half the things that happened. I looked through my tweets to give me a rough idea but still no clue. Maybe I don’t tweet enough. Anyways, let me just recap on what I do remember.

Firstly, the reason I haven’t been blogging as much is because of all the assignments piling up. The last time I blogged, I had six assignments left. Now, I’ve still got another four. And by next weekend, I’ll be down to two. Sounds great, right? As much as I can’t wait for all the assignments to be over, the completion would mean the end of the first school year. And I’ve got mixed feelings about the first year of school coming to an end very soon. At times, I’m glad but then it just sucks how fast time is flying. Although it’s a reminder to live in the moment, I know that that’s something that’s never been easy to remember.

Speaking of living in the moment, the past two weeks have been fun. And that might be another reason why I haven’t been blogging much either. Things have been becoming clearer and I guess this blog has always been a platform for me to think things through by writing out what exactly is bothering me, cryptically. Might be strange but it sure helps me. So since nothing has been bothering me as of late, I just didn’t really feel the urge to blog.

But fun times also deserve a mention! So let me reflect on the latest hang-out that occurred on Valentine’s Day! Unlike the rest of the world that was complaining about not having a Valentine, I was just thankful that it was a Friday. School ended at 12 and my plans were to return home and catch up on some TV shows or start working on my assignments. But things didn’t turn out that way. Thankfully.

My afternoon was spent at Jamie’s place! There were six of us, including her. Jamie and Chelsea had to rehearse their script for their drama module and the rest of us just tagged along. My whole reason for tagging along was to watch them rehearse but they didn’t really want to rehearse in front of us. So, Sam, Minyi, Vera and I played the (fake) online version of Cards Against Humanity for two rounds. Vera and Sam won one round each. And then Jamie and Chelsea joined us. And… Vera won again. We photo-boothed and took pictures and  Chelsea read out a hilarious 1D-Spongebob fan-fiction. From her tweets, she’s still laughing at the fan-fiction a day later. We made a short minute and a half long vlog as well. [Check out our Vlog below]

Surprisingly, this Valentine’s Day actually seemed pretty cool. I’m glad I spent my Valentine’s Day afternoon with a couple of friends and we have Vlog to always remember this day. The laughter and fun was more than anything else I could have asked for. Especially since I wasn’t expecting to be spending the afternoon at a friend’s house but rather at home. So I believe I should give some credit to the people that have been making the past few weeks fun. You know who you are! I just really enjoy spending time with my friends in general. So, #TotesApreesh guys!


P.S: There is still so much to come. Holiday plans, camps and more. But I’ll blog about it when the time comes!


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