Long Week, Long Post Pt. I


I can’t help but be back with a different perspective on what’s going on in my life each time I write a blog post. This time, I’m strongly reminding myself not to let the petty things bother me and so if you’re expecting another one of my indirectly cryptic messages then you will be disappointed. But I guess I should explain why my perspective changed. It’s all because of Pink’s song, Good Old DaysListening to it gets me emotional almost every time because it’s just a reminder of how fast time flies and thereby it also reminds me that I need to live in the moment and not sweat the small stuff. This song completely changed how I felt about everything because after all, these are the ‘Good Old Days’, aren’t they? I really don’t want to look back and think of how I wasted my time worrying about pointless and superficial things.

With that being said, let’s recap the week. From when the week started, I only was left with two assignments. Monday and Tuesday were both used for shooting scenes at the Singapore Botanic Gardens for one of the two assignments where we have to produce an infotainment. Although I was originally dreading it, I got excited on Sunday night and the excitement carried on to Monday morning UNTIL the hot sun killed the mood and morale. Regardless, we still managed to get two-thirds of the shots we needed.

And then came Tuesday where we shot the scenes we hadn’t shot the previous day as well as the ones that we needed to retake. I’m not exactly sure why, but I felt a lot more relaxed on day two. However, my day didn’t end right there as I still had a meeting with my group mates for the other assignment. So after some travelling and trying to use my phone GPS to get me to the Central Public Library (and failing), I finally found my way to and a seat at the library. I must say it was pretty awkward having to keep so quiet. I felt like every sound I made was one step towards me getting kicked out. By sounds, I mean like the sound the Macbook makes when being switched on, me zipping and unzipping my bag and also moving some papers around. And I wasn’t even sure if I was allowed to not be reading a book. So, when Shafna arrived, I was glad to leave the library and we took moved to somewhere outside the library. That had to be the best decision in that situation since the library was practically filled with people and there was no way we were going to have a group discussion and communicate without actually making some noise. In addition, it was also windy! The other group mates arrived and we got the layout of our slides planned out because we were supposed to have a rehearsal the next day with the lecturer. However, just when everything seems to be going right… You soon realise that’s not the case.

Wednesday. The rehearsal was… BAD. And I felt extremely guilty since I was the one who created the slides and the slides just didn’t seem to make the cut. We overran by four minutes and our concept didn’t seem to impress the lecturer either. So that means we were given just three days to shake things up and I was hoping that everything would fall into place. After the rehearsal we tried meeting up and laying out the skeleton of our revised concept. Although we managed to fix some things, we weren’t able to make much progress. With just Thursday and Friday left… How were we supposed to improve the concept, prepare the slides and rehearse in just two days?



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